IKEA Now Sells A Dupe of Anthro’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror for Less than $200

published May 28, 2022
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I’m like anyone else: I like a clean desk when I work, my morning tea hot but not so hot it’ll scald the everliving life out of the roof of my mouth, and Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror. I mean, look at it below. It’s got that gilded, ornate look that would fit right in with this year’s Met Gala theme and it comes in that giant, seven-foot size that adds extra light and style to a room. But that large size comes with a large price tag (the largest size is nearly $1,600, but even the non-large sizes are pricey, as well!), which you probably are well aware of if you’ve been a fan of this mirror.

Two years ago, amid a tireless search for a stylish floor mirror that would cast some extra light around my hopelessly small studio apartment, I scored a dupe from World Market for a fraction of the Anthro price (I feel extra cool now because a version of it is in designer Julieta Alvarez’s Small/Cool room). It’s not that giant, seven-foot size, but the slimmer width means it doesn’t overwhelm my space, and I’ve been pretty thrilled to be able to catch glimpses of myself in it as I sit on the couch eating Trader Joe’s mini ice cream cones.

But IKEA just threw its hat into the gilded, très French mirror ring with a new offering that is extremely hard to top. Its new RÅMEBO mirror is 1) gorgeous, ornate, and gold, 2) customizable, and 3) just $199.99 for the floor-length size!

Credit: IKEA

It’s got all of that beautiful detailing you’d want from a big mirror you can look into as you eat the cake Marie Antoinette said you should, but at a relatively reasonable price. Maybe my favorite part, though, is that if trends (or your style) change, the mirror can keep right up with the times. The gold accents are easily removable, allowing the mirror to instantly transform into a timeless, simple arched shape that goes with literally any decor style. Can you believe?!

Credit: IKEA

The mirror can be hung on a wall or leaned up against one and is just over five feet tall. If you want something smaller to hang above your mantel or dresser, there’s a two-foot-tall version in the same style (removable ornaments and all!) for $129.99. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely eyeing that one for my bathroom so I can feel like a glamorous, frizzy-haired mess in the morning.

Buy: RÅMEBO Mirror, starting at $129.99 from IKEA