IKEA’s New Office Furniture Collection Is a Gamechanger for WFH Days

published Mar 6, 2024
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this is the 22nd UK IKEA Store. IKEA, founded in Sweden in 1943, is the world's largest retailer of ready-to-assemble or flat-pack furniture.
Credit: Graeme Dawes / Shutterstock

IKEA’s largest office furniture collection is arriving in stores this July, and it could significantly change your work-from-home experience. The line, which is called MITTZON, will have 85 different products ranging from standing desks to stylish office chairs.

According to a press release, MITTZON is “inspired by the shifting needs of offices and home offices” to support flexible work environments at the office or at home. And if your work week is based on a hybrid schedule, you’ll understand the importance of a peaceful environment.

“The rise of hybrid work has shifted the role of the physical office from a static space, where everyone has a permanent desk, to one where every day is different, and flexibility is key to meeting changing needs,” IKEA’s press statement wrote.

Credit: Ikea

The special collection includes some exciting items, notably an acoustic screen created with a sound-absorbing filling to address annoying outside noises, which is an incredible feature if you have children, or other disturbances.

Another standout item from the MITTZON line is a stylish pendant lamp with a layered shade, which could convince you to keep your ceiling light off. Judging by the pictures, there’s also a chair with a convenient storage pouch on the back, and a desk on rolling casters for easy portability.

“Ergonomic principles cover much more than good posture, and we put much thought into developing

pieces that take that into account,” Philip Dilé, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden AB, said in a press release. “We worked with experts in the field to consider not only the physical body but also what affects the senses, and therefore focus and wellbeing, in an office environment, and we’ve incorporated those findings into the development of MITTZON.”

Credit: Ikea

Between the neutral color palette of the collection and the overall aesthetic, the ergonomic line is “reminiscent of the Scandinavian outdoors in its shapes, colors, and materials,” plus the products are backed with a 10-year guarantee. 

The MITTZON collection will be available in stores and online this July.