30 Ways to Remake the IKEA MOPPE Mini Storage Chest

published Feb 18, 2018
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(Image credit: Shereen Zangana)

The MOPPE is one of IKEA’s most popular products, and it’s not hard to see why: it offers six storage compartments for $16.99, it’s made of attractive minimal birch plywood, it’s eminently stainable and paintable, and its drawers can be reversed to hide the opening notches. As one featured DIYer put it, it’s a perfect craft victim. Here are 30 ways to make the MOPPE — freshly available after a much-lamented hiatus — your own.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Pick yourself up a MOPPE online or on your next IKEA run, and then pick your favorite customizing option — or combine a few faves!

Personalize with Paint

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Black & White Moppe by The Life Factory
I love the way this relatively simple paint job has such graphic appeal—especially the way the drawer holes now appear to be part of the design. So smart! (Image credit: The Life Factory)

As mentioned, the unfinished birch is the perfect surface for painting. You could go for a monochrome look that suits your decor, helps it blend into your walls, or choose one of these more playful options.

Cover it Up

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Decoupage Moppe by Roomilicious
The particular appeal of this project lies in a currently sold-out German wrapping paper, but you can use the same technique with the fabulous paper of your choice. (Image credit: Roomilicious)

The plain drawer fronts and the exterior of the chest can easily be augmented with the prettiest papers and fabrics you can find. Either glue or decoupage with pattern and color for a whole new vibe.

Go Organic

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DIY Plant Drawers by DIY in PDX
With a little help from wood sealant and some cute but optional knobs, your humble Moppe can be a home for a family of happy plants. (Image credit: DIY in PDX)

The plain wood of the MOPPE can easily go in a natural direction, either to store herbs or tea, or to use as a planter. It’s endlessly adaptable.

Add Personality with New Hardware

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Office Handles & Neon Details by Copper Boom
Here’s as great mix of old and new: the classic metal handles add an old-fashioned gravitas, while the florescent accents (on the tops of the drawers, too!) add a futuristic flair. (Image credit: Copper Boom)

Flip the MOPPE’s drawers around and give them an upgrade with the knobs or pulls of your choice. Bonus points for card catalogue-style handles that will allow for easy labeling.

Channel Your Inner Child

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Fox Moppe by Whipper Berry
This is the cutest thing ever, and I especially love the idea of creating a family of little woodland creatures. You could add a raccoon, rabbit, and so on. (Image credit: Whipper Berry)

You could let kids decorate their own cabinets with crayons, markers, or paint, or you can give them the gift of an adorably customized cubby perfect for holding their LEGOs, craft supplies, books, or tiny treasures.

Sticker it Up

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Foiled Moppe by Sammydemmy
Sammydemmy calls the Moppe “a perfect craft victim,” and while there’s probably something lost in the (Google) translation, that’s a pretty good catchphrase. This was was gilded and glammed with self-adhesive foil. (Image credit: Sammydemmy)

If you’re not much of a painter or gardener, let stickers (or washi tape andcontact paper) do the heavy lifting. No muss, and even less fuss. When you use labels, you also get the added bonus of more organization.

Do you have a MOPPE? What do you use it for? Did you customize it at all?