This Sleek Mushroom Lamp DIY Uses Unexpected IKEA Staples

published Sep 7, 2023
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Mushroom decor is everywhere at the moment, from drinking glasses to ‘70s-inspired lamps. Case in point: The hashtag #mushroomlamp currently has 72.2 million views on TikTok alone. But you don’t need to worry about spending a ton to get this fungal lighting in your own home. In fact, TikTok content creator Drew (@lonefoxhome) recently went viral for unpacking how he created a chic mushroom lamp using only IKEA basics.

To get started, Drew spent less than $50 on three IKEA staples: An 11” Blanda bowl (which retails for $9.99), a Sluka vacuum flask (which retails for $29.99), and a Barlast lamp (which retails for $7.99).

First, the TikToker cut off the flask handle using a saw, although he notes via voiceover that “you could probably break it off if you wanted to.” Next, Drew constructed the lamp base and cut about an inch-and-a-half off its paper shade. Then he popped the top of the flask off using pliers and attached the top component of the lamp to the pot using quick-setting epoxy setting spray and some duct tape. Finally, he placed the bowl on top, and voila! A cute mushroom lamp that you can spray paint any color to match your home.

Since sharing this IKEA hack on August 31, Drew’s video has received over 30,000 likes and 320,000 views.

“This is SO creative, clever, and the best mushroom lamp shape I’ve ever seen,” one TikToker commented. “In love & definitely doing, well done & thank you!”

“These are about to be out of stock everywhere,” another commenter joked.