IKEA’s $70 Pendant Lamp Makes Magic Wherever You Put It, and These 7 Rooms Prove It

published Feb 8, 2020
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Credit: Chloe Berk

Whether you’re a “boho vibes only” kind of decorator or are just looking for a little something to give your room personality, there’s an IKEA product you need in your home: The SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp. Made of woven bamboo and designed in partnership with the impossibly chic British designer Ilse Crawford, this light makes any room brighter (even when it’s off!), and it works with tons of styles—minimal, eclectic, maximal, and more. See how seven people put this pendant lamp to use in their home to get inspo for adding this now iconic IKEA product to your space. 

Beachy boho vibes abound in this sunny Santa Monica bungalow, and that’s especially true in the dining room, where the SINNERLIG lamp is the star of the show. The white-walled room has plenty of brightness, but the large lamp anchors the space and adds natural tones that are echoed by the mix of warm wooden furniture. Elements like a woven table runner and a rattan owl wall hanging complement the lamp’s relaxed, bohemian look. 

“Eclectic with a touch of bohemian and jungle”—that’s how Patricia “ChaCha” Garcia describes her Bronx apartment, and that’s exactly how it looks. She’s mixes tons of colors and styles into her home, and we love the way the pendant lamp fits into the look in the living room. Hanging over a vintage table and white faux hide, it’s bringing allll the eclectic boho vibes into the room. It also plays nicely with the baskets hung as wall art in the corner or the room.

Credit: Miks Riggs

In contrast to Garcia’s bright, mix-and-match apartment, this home in Dallas has tight palette and a highly curated aesthetic—desert bohemian, as homeowner Miks Riggs calls it. There are tons of tonal brown elements scattered throughout paired with soft reds, greens, pinks, and oranges. Everything is definitely giving off a distinctly Southwestern feel. With its modern yet organic look, the bamboo pendant is a natural fit here. Plus, it helps offset some of the business of the rug and textiles below it.

Credit: Jessica Rapp

If you’re living in a tiny, temporary home where you can’t paint the walls or hang bright art, one good accessory can change everything. Just take this 300-square-foot Beijing studio as proof. It’s on the bare side, with light gray walls and plain furniture, but the large SINNERLIG lamp immediately grabs your eye and helps offset the emptiness of the room. Paired with a rattan stool, also from IKEA, the two bring needed brightness into the space that feels, on the whole, Scandi modern despite its geographic location.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your kitchen needs two bamboo pendants, the answer is a resounding yes. A pair of SINNERLIG lamps look incredible in this minimalistic black and white Australian kitchen. Along with the wooden table, stools, and a few tan accents on the walls, the lamps provide a nice contrast to all the bright, clean white used in the home. Hanging them in a set over the island gives the room a balanced look. Plus, it adds more direct task lighting over a heavily used workspace.

Credit: Submitted by Julianne Rydberg

This Norwegian kitchen mixes the simplicity of Scandinavian style (pastel green walls, large windows) with the eclecticism of bohemianism (mismatched chairs, antique table), and the result is an airy room with tons of natural elements. The SINNERLIG lamp plays off all those styles—natural bamboo, modern design, boho weaving patterns—and adds vertical interest to the room. You can’t help but look up when this natural beauty is hanging overhead.

Credit: Chloe Berk

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: A chandelier lamp in your bedroom is not extra. These Manhattan apartment renters hung the SINNGERLIG pendant in their minimal bedroom, and it instantly makes the room look more elegant—in an understated, organic way. It’s casually fancy, and it looks especially nice with the other natural elements around the room, including the wood dresser, white walls, and lush plants. 

Bottom line is: Get this light. As long as you have the overhead wiring for it, it’ll look good wherever you hang it.