I Just Found This Stylish IKEA Product That’s Perfect for Spring Allergies

published Mar 20, 2024
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Bloomington, Minnesota/USA. August 5, 2018. The exterior of an Ikea store in Minnesota.
Credit: Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

I love absolutely everything about spring — the flowers, more sunlight, the ability to eat on patios again — but for me, all of it comes at the price of the dreaded itchy eyes and runny nose. Growing up, I lived in a desert climate that changed minimally, so imagine my horror when I was exposed to a real spring with all the glories of pollen. 

Cut to 2020, a time when I still lived with roommates and wanted to avoid catching anything from them. Since a lot of people were investing in air purifiers at the time, I decided to opt for one too — and lo and behold, my allergies to pollen and even my roommate’s cat drastically reduced. I live alone now and still love my air purifier, but one problem remains — how do I make it blend into my decor? Some people like the sleek look of certain purifiers, but I wondered if there was a way to integrate it better. And to no one’s surprise, IKEA has the solution. 

IKEA’s Air Purifier Table Is a Stroke of Genius

Nope, this isn’t a hack, just one simple, amazing product — the STARKVIND. Out of all of IKEA’s air purifiers, this one is hands down my favorite — a warm stained wood table that integrates an air purifier beneath the top. It’s a double-duty piece that literally helps you breathe easier at home.

The STARKVIND comes in two colors — a light oak with a white purifier and a darker oak with a black purifier. The wood helps it blend seamlessly into the background, and if someone doesn’t know what it is, the holes in the purifier simply come off as a design choice. There’s an unobtrusive dial on the side to control the settings, and the top comes off so you can easily change out the filter every six months.

Its single cable can be hidden inside a table leg or the purifier, and it purifies spaces up to 215 feet. As a bonus, you can connect it to the DIRIGERA hub and control it directly from your phone using the IKEA Home app. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and style. 

IKEA dropped the price last year to $199.99, and even then, it can seem pricey for a side table. However, keep in mind that you’re getting the air purifier as well as the table, which could separately cost just as much.

Plus, the benefits go beyond spring allergies — the STARKVIND can help if you have kids and pets, it can reduce the amount people get sick, and it can help clear the air during wildfire season. If you need a side table anyway, consider opting for this one for extra benefits — and maybe grab a few things from IKEA’s Nytillverkad collection while you’re at it.