I’m a Style Editor, and This Is My Favorite Surprising IKEA Storage Find

published Aug 18, 2023
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The bedrooms in my first two New York apartments were laughably small (one didn’t even have a real wall or door), so I had no choice but to stuff anything I could under my bed — suitcases, extra clothes, shoes, etc. You name it, I squeezed it under there. And because there’s absolutely nothing sexy about under-bed clutter in a tiny space, I also bought a white bed skirt — aka my bedroom organization lifeline — to disguise it all. 

When I finally moved to a bigger apartment in October 2020, though, I had a long-awaited NYC pinch-me moment: Enough room to fit a real, full-sized, adult bed frame. I knew exactly what style I wanted from Urban Outfitters, but because of its platform design, it sadly wouldn’t work with my beloved bed skirt. Ultimately, anything I put under my bed would be fully exposed (*gasp*). 

I started researching under-bed storage options, knowing full well that any plain old plastic container just wouldn’t do. For one, I’m a style editor, and looks matter, even for organizing essentials. And two, whatever I chose would constantly be on display, peeking out from underneath my bed. Luckily, I didn’t have to look for options long, because I found the prettiest, fairly sizable IKEA baskets that are hands-down my favorite storage solutions of all time. 

If you know me, you know that I love anything woven or natural-looking, which immediately sold me on IKEA’s TOLKNING baskets. Handmade from rattan, each organizer clocks in at 17 inches deep by 19 3/4 inches wide by 7 inches tall. It’s short enough to work under just about any bed, even low-profile frames like mine. I currently own two — one for extra bedding and bath towels (linen closet, who?), and another for ugly Christmas sweaters, old iPhone boxes I refuse to throw away, craft supplies, birthday cards, and way more little miscellaneous things (they’re that spacious). 

Because of their size, though, you do need a bit of floor clearance to fully pull the TOLKNING baskets out from under your bed. But it’s super easy to grab them, no matter how full or heavy they get, thanks to built-in front handles. The inside wins two thumbs up, too, with an included fabric liner made from recycled polyester. It gives me peace of mind knowing there’s an extra layer protecting my stuff from dust or bugs. 

Credit: Blair Donovan

I think I might still be on the hunt for the perfect under-bed storage bins if I hadn’t come across IKEA’s TOLKNING baskets almost three years ago (note that I do have a slightly older design, pictured above, than the current product). Sure, at $39.99, they’re pricier than, say, a simple container from Target or Amazon. But if your under-bed area shows and you want a hiqh-quality, functional, non-eyesore organizer to store out-of-season clothes or even extra books or pillows, then these check all the boxes. My TOLKNINGs match my bedroom style, have held up incredibly well, and fit so much more than I initially expected. IKEA, if you’re reading this, never, ever discontinue these. 

Buy: TOLKNING Basket, $39.99