What’s a Flex Wall? This NYC Apartment Converts a One-Bedroom Into a Two-Bedroom

published Sep 9, 2022
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Obviously, living in New York City comes with a price, both financially and physically. Across room and apartment tours on TikTok, many residents in the Big Apple are often transparent about the price of their rent in comparison to their oddly small accommodations.

On TikTok, Claire Brodsky covers lifestyle, fashion, and travel content on her account, including a series of thorough room tours throughout her apartment. Located in Kips Bay, she mentioned that her monthly rent is $4,800, but her and her roommate split the price. Although, in the video of her apartment tour, a second room is nowhere to be found, and Brodsky mentions that her other roommate lives behind a flex wall.

In the comment section of her video, people inquired about her flex wall and the other side of the apartment. In her explanation, Brodsky described her living situation as similar to others in Manhattan: She splits the space with help from the temporary wall. “A lot of people split a one bedroom where they put a wall up where the dining room or living room should be, and instead put an actual bedroom there,” she said.

With the installation of a pressurized wall, a spacious studio or one-bedroom apartment can be converted into a larger living spaces to cater to roommates. Although some landlords do not allow this extension in a household, some see it as an upgraded room divider that can assist privacy between rooms.

Brodsky noted that the flex walls do not usually result in an equal amount of privacy, since they do not reach the height of the ceiling for fire hazard precautions. Someone commented, “It’s really just a fancy room divider.” Others inquired about the installation for the flex wall, which is usually by the hands of a professional company or installation contractor.

On the opposite side of the wall is a set of white shelves and storage units, plus a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. In Brodsky’s video, the separate bedroom holds an entire bed, vanity, and mounted television.

Is living in Manhattan worth residing in the roommate’s corner within the apartment? Maybe there’s a better way to increase space while providing privacy for the roommate? At least there’s a cool view of the city!