Indoor Tree! The Easiest Ever: Pachira Aquatica

Indoor Tree! The Easiest Ever: Pachira Aquatica

Angie Cho
Oct 27, 2011

Indoor trees are especially beautiful because they rarely grow inside. The Pachira aquatica is one such tree. It is virtually kill-proof, tidy and grows as large (or small) as you want them. They are also virtually immune to the most common cause of black thumbs: over watering. This plant loves water so you don't have to fear any over watering impulse you may have.

The Pachira aquatica is also known as the money tree, guiana chestnut or the saba nut. Because this tropical tree thrives near wetlands and swamps, it loves soil that is moist at all times. Hence, the kill-proof factor. It also thrives in indirect light so growing it indoors is no problem. Just position it in the brightest area of your home. (Wiki)

How to care for the Pachira aquatica:
• This plant loves moisture but you should never let it stand in water. Good drainage is essential.
• Position this plant in bright indirect light indoors, turning it everytime you water it for even growth and leafing.
• Water this plant consistently. 1 - 2 times per week depending on humidity. Make sure you water all the topsoil, just until the water starts leaking out the drain holes.
• For optimal longevity, lightly fertilize the Pachira 3 - 4 times a year with a water-soluble fertilizer. (I use an easy one that you scatter on the topsoil that gradually dissolves with each watering.)

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