Netflix Can Wait: 10 Other Things to Do With Your Time Tonight

published Feb 11, 2017
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So… it’s not date night and you don’t have any major plans, but that doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to a night of watching Netflix on the couch. If you and your partner are bored of the same TV routine, there are plenty of little ways to switch it up without leaving—or straying far from—home, or putting in too much effort when you’re already tired from a long day. Need some suggestions? Here are 10 you can try tonight.

Play a game

Maybe you don’t have the energy to do too much, but you’re still tired of watching movies and staring at a TV screen—that’s where board (or card) games come in. Some games allow you to sit and relax while you play, while others require you to get up and move around, so there’s a game for every mood and level of activity you want to get into.

Do a puzzle

If board games aren’t your thing, but you still want something simple to do that will stimulate your brain, try working on a puzzle together. Depending on the level of difficulty, you might finish it quickly, or it might take you days to complete it together. It can be a relaxing activity, or a competitive one—either way, you’ll feel accomplished when it’s done.

Exercise together

Another thing that will leave you feeling more accomplished than finishing another series on Netflix? Working out. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout, and you don’t even have to hit the gym—instead, look for an exercise video online that you both can get into (whether it’s yoga or aerobics or something totally new altogether) and try it together at home.

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Work on crafts

If you’re both creative types, try doing a craft project together. If you’re not into the same types of projects, do your own separate ones, but designate craft nights to work on them together in a shared space. You’ll be able to spend time together while you work, and you’ll get further on projects that you’d otherwise put off for your usual movie marathons.

Try a new recipe

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and you don’t have to eat it by candlelight like you might on an actual date night, but if you both enjoy cooking (even if neither of you are particularly good at it) trying to make a new dish can be a fun way to spend a night in. Scour Pinterest or your favorite cookbook for a promising recipe, and see what happens.

Start a mini book club

Love reading? If you and your partner are into similar types of books, you can start a super casual book club just for the two of you. All you have to do is read the same book and discuss as you go or when you finish. Hold each other accountable by having designated reading nights together (with no TV allowed).

Listen to a new album

If music is more your thing, try taking time to listen to new albums or artists together. This works well if you have similar taste in genres (you can listen to new artists and albums you know you’ll both probably love), but it also works equally fine if you have wildly different musical interests—in that case, look for something you both might never listen to. You might be surprised to find that you love it, or you might find it hilariously bad, but either way, you’ll have a good time together.

Have a spa night

Sometimes after a long day, you just need to take a little time and pamper yourself, so why not encourage self-care together? Put on your robes or pajamas, get your partner to do a face mask with you, give each other massages—whatever helps you relax, wind down and de-stress.

Go for a walk

This one requires you to leave your house, but it doesn’t require you to go far. You don’t have to go on a particularly long walk or drive somewhere scenic if you don’t want to—just walk around your neighborhood together, get a little exercise and fresh air, and enjoy each other’s company.

Watch the stars

Have a backyard or rooftop access that you don’t take enough advantage of? If it’s not particularly cold or rainy out, go outside in your pajamas, lay out on a blanket and watch the stars. You can chat while you stargaze, or just sit back, relax and quietly take it all in.