These 6 Stylish Rooms Will Make You Want a Wall Cutout Right Now

published Feb 1, 2020
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Generally speaking, a house or apartment that has many windows also has lots of natural light and a sense of airiness. The same can also be said for homes with interior wall cutouts—or indoor “windows,” if you will, which create that open floor feeling without an actual open plan. Rooms with indoor windows offer glimpses into their adjoining rooms, which makes you feel a little less boxed in and cut off from the activity in other spaces. And the great thing is, there are so many different ways you can work these kinds of cutouts and casements into your home’s design, from pony walls to old fashioned French doors with paneling. Check out some examples below—they just might make you want an interior cutout or inside window in your own space.

Loft Window

For those who are blessed with extra tall ceilings, a half wall with a window is a great way to visually break up empty space. The window keeps the look of this couple’s loft-like space airy, while the rest of the wall provides these homeowners enough privacy to place their bedroom behind said window. The black framing keep the look minimal and is a subtle nod to industrial style.  

Room Divider

Interior windows are a nice compromise between having defined, dedicated spaces but still keeping the look and feel of an open concept plan. Originally, these two living areas were separated by a five inch beam that ran across the ceiling, but Blair Moore from Moore House Design found a better way to break up the space. Adding a Crittall- style glass divider to encase the beam created a feeling of separation without closing off the spaces entirely. Plus, the divider adds a lovely graphic note to the opening, even though the framing is white and still somewhat recedes into the space.

Credit: Sweeten

Pony Wall Upgrade

Visually connect your kitchen with your dining area using a pony wall that features an interior cutout, as this New York City homeowner did. No need to frame out your cutout with an actual window in this case, as the non-kitchen side is the perfect spot to create a little breakfast bar by pulling up a few dining stools. This way, anyone in the kitchen can stay connected with potential guests at the breakfast bar or in the living room, for example.

Hallway Portal

This vertical window is an unexpected design element that brings something special to this living room. The black frame contrasts beautifully with the teal couch. The window also helps bring more natural light into the home’s entry way.

Credit: Ulrika Horn

Farmhouse Touch

This living room has major Scandi vibes, what with its subtle color palette and cozy aesthetic. But the small window by the couch proves that not all interior windows have to be sleek and modern. A rustic, farmhouse-inspired window is just as appealing when popped into an interior wall. This six-paned window gives this living room a cute, cottage vibe.

Small but Mighty

And if modern and minimal is more your vibe, well, this rental kitchen proves that even small cutouts can have a big impact. In fact, this cutout in particular creates a fun, geometric focal point in the living area that lives behind it. Hanging a piece of art over the opening only emphasizes this quirky feature. And of course, there’s still tons of natural light pouring into the space via the cutout, despite its small size.