What to Know About Burrow’s Editor-Loved Furniture — Plus, Its Cyber Monday Deals

updated Nov 27, 2023
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Field 5-Piece Sectional
Credit: Burrow

There are some designs that just might never go out of style, and one that’s proven to have staying power — for at least as long as gray flannel suits and the space race are concerned, anyway — is mid-century modern

Quick Overview

What to Know About Burrow Furniture

Burrow is a direct-to-consumer modular furniture brand with a durable build and a mid-century modern design ethos that you’ll enjoy for years. It’s also currently running a Cyber Monday sale with savings up to $1,500 now through December 3.

For the last few years — no, decades — mid-century modern has been a mainstay of interior design. Its recognizable clean lines and earthy palette has shown up everywhere from city lofts to suburban living rooms, advertising minimalist warmth with fewer words than Don Draper. But just because mid-century style has stuck around doesn’t mean that people necessarily want everything about it to stay the same. 

Burrow, the direct-to-consumer brand of sleek furnishings that launched in 2017, has built a multi-million dollar business by blending the looks of the past with the technology of the present. Read on to see how the company puts its spin on modular mid-century design, shop editor favorites, and get the scoop on major Cyber Monday deals.

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What Is Burrow?

Burrow is a popular direct-to-consumer furniture brand and retailer. Founders Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra met as classmates at the University of Pennsylvania when a discussion over beers led them to a question that’s familiar to anyone who has ever stared at a blank room: “Why is furniture shopping so hard?” They shared stress-inducing stories about sofas that were either too expensive or required too much of a wait, and commiserated over settling for what was available to them in a pinch. 

Kuhl and Chopra used this frustration as fuel to find a solution and landed on a sofa prototype that included a modular build that can fit cozy corners and McMansions alike, cushions that can be compressed into a flat-pack box, and legs that can be easily removed. They focused on making the frame easy to build with minimal effort (and tools!), but that was still sturdy. Oh, and its look would be largely mid-century modern, with a hint of Scandinavian sleek. 

Since its launch six years ago, Burrow has become one of the most recognizable names in online DTC modular furniture. The collection consists of accent chairs, side tables, bookcases, consoles, dining tables, and rugs, making it possible to outfit many rooms on its one site alone. 

Is Burrow Furniture Easy to Assemble?

Burrow makes the unboxing process easier by packing its modular furniture into boxes that are at most as heavy as a toddler, and labeling them clearly with large text across the front. You also don’t need a hefty toolbox to bring these items to fruition, and much of it can be done by hand. Most of the furniture comes together in about an hour or less, depending on your level of experience and how many able-bodied people are on hand to help. Remember: Don’t push yourself if you don’t have to!

Does Burrow Deliver?

Burrow ships all of its big furniture for free and delivers it to your door with FedEx. Smaller items, like pillows and trays, will likely arrive by USPS or DHL, though. While wait times for orders were only a few days prior to the pandemic, it could take a few weeks before your boxes magically appear. If time is of the essence — cough, holiday visitors, cough — make sure you’re shopping in the ready-to-ship section

Does Burrow Furniture Have Stores?

About a year after Burrow launched officially, it opened its flagship store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. Since then, stores have opened in Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago, and there are plans to open more. 

How Long Does Burrow Furniture Last?

Burrow furniture is made to last, even though it can be assembled in minutes and without tools. The fabric sofas have long been reviewed as pet-friendly, and that is by design: Its tightly-woven material was meticulously tested to withstand the claws of dogs and cats. Furthermore, these fabrics are stain-resistant, so you don’t have to sweat the accidental spill. The full-grain leather and velvet options are made to be durable, too, but won’t be as hardy as the former fabrics — keep that in mind, in case you entertain frequently or have kids! 

Are There Any Burrow Sales? 

Burrow routinely holds sales, and it’s possible to get as much as 60 percent off during those runs, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Other ways you can get discounts? Shop the outlet selection for regularly updated finds, or use the refer-a-friend program for a win-win partnership that involves savings for them and an Amazon gift card for you.

Currently, Burrow is running a Cyber Monday sale with up to $1,500 off your order — just use the code BF2023. The deals end on December 3, so you might want to get a head-start on shopping with our favorite pieces below. 

Is Burrow Furniture Worth it?

According to Apartment Therapy editors, especially former Deputy Lifestyle Director, ​​Madeline Bilis, who raves about Burrow’s popular Range Sectional Lounger, yes, Burrow furniture is worth it. 

Bilis purchased the Range after so much research that she actually had a “sofa spreadsheet.” She loves the low-profile yet comfortable feel of the Range, and that she can build upon it with additional seats if ever she were to move into a larger apartment. Here’s what else she had to say: “Something else that sold me on it, aside from its handsome shape and modular design, was how it arrived at my doorstep,” Bilis wrote. “Each piece shipped in a separate box that I could lift on my own (single gals, unite!). While I did enlist my brother to help me build the couch, it was a fairly simple process that took a little over an hour.” 

The Best Furniture from Burrow

So, if you’re on the hunt for classically stylish furniture and Burrow is a strong contender, which items should make your list? Here are a few of our favorites to consider.

1 / 5
was $2199.00

Like Bilis, you can bask in peace of mind knowing that this Jeopardy-perch-of-choice is comfortable, easy to assemble, and flexible for the future. Its moss green fabric is decidedly mid-century modern, too, if you want to go all in on the style.

2 / 5

Need one more seat for your household? This option comes with modular seats and a slightly higher back for a more modern finish. The gray fabric won’t go out of style anytime soon, either. Editorial Shopping Director, Jada Wong, has this in her living room where she and her husband are constantly fighting over who gets to sit in the chaise (she usually wins). She cites the straightforward assembly, and since getting the sectional more than a year ago, she’s switched from a three-seat configuration to a two-seater multiple times easily.

3 / 5
was $999.00

If accent chairs are on your mind, then one look at the Vesper will make you feel settled. Its black leather and dark wood finish is timeless, and sure to make a statement in any space, whether it’s a bedroom or a living area.

4 / 5
was $1599.00

The dark walnut finish of this streamlined bed is a trendy throwback, and will make sure that your room looks pulled-together even on those days when the sheets aren’t exactly tucked in.

5 / 5
was $1199.00

No host wants to relegate dinner guests to a nearby sofa if they can help it, and this extendable dining table ensures that everyone can have a proper seat. Furthermore, its color and build go with anything.