Japan’s “Slimmest” Studio Apartment Is Only 107 Square Feet

published Nov 1, 2023
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Tokyo skyline
Credit: f11photo/Shutterstock

In a suburb in Japan, there’s an apartment that’s being described as the slimmest in the entire country, one that only measures 107 square feet. 

TikTok user @pixelpaws recently featured the rental in her video, wherein we see a narrow building situated on a small strip between two roads. At its narrowest point, which is the wall perpendicular to the door, one can even stretch one’s arms and be wider than the house.

Inside, the apartment features an entryway, a kitchenette, a decent bathroom with toilet and shower, and a place for the washing machine. And that’s pretty much it. There are also two windows, an air conditioner, and a line to hang your laundry.

As for spaces to dine, to sleep, to store clothes, and to place the fridge, one will just have to get creative because there’s not much room left. Again, it’s so cramped, that the developer had to locate many of the home’s electrical systems, as well as the mailbox, outside.

Surprisingly, many in the post’s comments section actually said they wouldn’t mind living in the unit. “Give me a TV and a PlayStation and I’ll be the happiest person on earth,” someone said.

Others also had jokes. “Don’t let U.S. landlords see this.”

Another added: “If this was in San Francisco, $1,500 1bed/1bath, and no utilities included.”

The video did not say how much the rent is, but a New York Times article on 95-square-foot micro apartments in Tokyo reveals rates for such accommodations range between $340 to $630 a month.

At those prices, would you consider living in a narrow apartment?