This Kitchen Island Skirt Hack Doubles as the Most Stylish Storage

published Jul 2, 2024
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Storage is obviously essential in any small room, but arguably none more so than in kitchens — there’s a lot that needs to fit in there. You can always invest in a freestanding pantry or shelving unit if you’re short on cabinet and countertop space, but sometimes even those can make a compact kitchen feel more cluttered and claustrophobic. That’s where a new take on an old-school trend is coming in, which adds a decorative touch to your space and conceals extra cooking supplies.

TikTok user Sandy Sanchez (@sndy_snchz) recently shared an apartment decorating update with a slideshow of photos, the first of which shows a kitchen island with a few boxes and bins on the floor directly underneath it. In the next image, though, she added a red-and-white striped, floor-grazing piece of fabric around the perimeter of the counter — basically like a bathroom sink skirt, but for the kitchen.

“Commissioned a little skirt for my kitchen island from my friend!” Sanchez wrote on the post. “It helped get rid of visual clutter and it’s starting to bring in the cozy vibes I want to go for.” And it’s true: The curtain-like fabric now completely hides what’s stowed beneath the island, but everything’s still easily accessible behind the skirt. 

You can DIY your own version of this kitchen skirt hack by sewing together a few yards of fabric (or a couple of unused and hemmed shower curtains). Otherwise, in the TikTok comments, Sanchez suggested searching on Etsy for the terms “kitchen curtains,” “kitchen hideaway curtain,” or “sink curtain.”

Even if you don’t have a kitchen island, the style works well on just about any low-slung storage piece, as long as there’s some sort of lip for attaching Velcro or an opening that can fit a small tension rod to hang the skirt from. I’m tempted to try this on my own IKEA FÖRHÖJA kitchen storage cart, pictured in the Etsy listing below. Just make sure you measure the correct height, width, and depth of the piece you’re skirting so that the fabric barely kisses the ground for a polished, tailored effect (you don’t want to be tripping over it, either).

This delicate skirted trend has recently been dominating everything from fabric-covered lighting to side tables — and with good reason. Layering pieces of fabric throughout your space lets you incorporate new pops of color or pattern on a much more low-stakes level than, say, painting the walls or buying an entirely new piece of furniture. Instantly upgrade a plain sofa or fake the look of an upholstered rectangular coffee table by adding a floor-length “skirt”, and voilà! You can swap out the fabric seasonally or whenever you’re in the mood to redecorate, too.

I do think skirts hold the most design weight in the kitchen — specifically, they soften up a typically generic room. Plus it’s a simple way to personalize the space, especially in a rental, with a covering that complements your kitchen color scheme. Get inspired by Sanchez’s striped skirt for a timeless touch, go bold with a fun floral design, or stick to a single neutral color — either way, you’re guaranteed the most cozy, stylish hidden storage hack.