The Ingenious $17 Amazon Find That Transformed My Sad Rental Faucet Into a Powerful Sprayer (No Tools Required!)

published Jun 1, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Living in NYC, there are a few things that every New Yorker dreams of having in their apartment: a washer and dryer, central AC, and a faucet sprayer. While I don’t currently have the first two (yet!), I was lucky enough to have them in previous apartments — I’ve since regressed. And the latter? I’ve never had one, which is even more annoying if you also don’t have a dishwasher like me. Let’s just say washing the dishes is my least favorite chore for obvious elbow-intensive reasons, so I’ve been on the hunt for a renter remedy that I can easily install in my apartment. When I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an ingenious Amazon find that instantly transforms your renter-grade faucet into a powerful sprayer. No tools or drilling required! I couldn’t hit “add to cart” fast enough.

I am lucky enough to have a spacious, deep sink that can fit more than one tiny dish, but it’s really not that useful without a built-in sink sprayer. So when I attached this aerator to my faucet in just a few minutes, my quality of life basically skyrocketed. And once you see it for yourself, you’ll realize that no, I’m not being that dramatic about it.

I will admit, when I first unboxed this little gadget, I was a bit confused about how to attach it to my faucet. There are two sets of directions: One for sinks with a female thread connector and one for a male connector. To be honest, I had no idea which one I had so I just played around with both options until the attachment fit. The only difference between the two versions is that a female faucet will require the male adaptor that’s included. I will say, I did not know that I had to take out the existing aerator in my faucet, so make sure to do that first or neither option will fit. Basically what I’m saying is, if I can do this without knowing what in the world I was doing, so you can you.

Credit: Tamara Kraus

Once you get it installed, you’ll be on your way to washing dishes like a pro. It features two modes: spray and regular stream. Simply turn the bottom part of the faucet attachment and it will switch between the modes.

In addition to washing the dishes, this attachment is also a game-changer for cleaning my sink and getting all those corners (and the bits of food that hang out there) I could never reach with my standard faucet aerator.

Long gone are the days of putting in extra elbow grease to clean my dishes (especially when food has stuck on overnight). While I still don’t have a dishwasher (here’s to hoping one day!), this ingenious under-$20 Amazon find is the next best thing. It may sound silly, but this small but mighty gadget gives me a little serotonin boost every time I turn it on.

Buy: Hibbent Dual-Function Female Faucet Aerator, $16.99 (normally $19.99)