10 Drill-free Organizers That’ll Conquer the Clutter in Your Closet

published Apr 6, 2023
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Even the smallest spaces can live large with the correct organizational methods in place. But, when it comes to being an apartment dweller, finding said methods can be easier said than done — especially if your apartment, condo, or home has a strict no-holes policy (or you’d just rather not pick up a drill).

Here at AT, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your home regardless of size, including hunting down the best no-drill organizational products on the market. These closet heroes are magic in a bottle — er, box — helping you instantly pull extra room out of thin air and allowing you to effectively store your wardrobe and accessories in a way that’s actually sustainable.

From flexible fabric storage bins that can house literally everything to shelf dividers that will keep your clothes in a tidy stack, the 10 products below are worthy investments whether you find yourself moving every year or just bought your first home and aren’t exactly keen on putting holes in the wall yet.

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This three-shelf clothing organizer nestles right onto the rod in your closet, providing stackable storage that's the ideal spot for jeans, sweaters, or workout gear. "I was able to stock it with around 15-ish t-shirts on the top row, 10-12 pairs of leggings and shorts on the second tier, and five sweatshirts on the bottom," says Senior Commerce Editor Alicia.

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Storage cubes are an MVP of any space, thanks to their affordability and ability to hold nearly anything out of sight and out of mind. These fabric bins from Amazon's namesake brand are ideal for housing out-of-season clothes, shoes, purses, and more. Contributing writer Celia lauded them for their stability and style, writing, "Although they’re lightweight and effortless to carry around, they’re incredibly sturdy, thanks to their reinforced durability."

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If you're short on space and prefer to stash out-of-season clothes away for a few months, these Target modular storage boxes are about to be your new BFF. Available in three basic shades (clear, white, and frosted gray), they're sturdy yet petite, so they'll keep your favorite sundresses or hat collection safely stashed without taking up too much room. Plus, at just $4 each they're insanely affordable! Can't beat that.

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Hats are a favorite accessory for many, but finding a reliable (and tidy!) spot in your closet to stash them is often easier said than done. Thankfully, we found an inexpensive solution in the form of this multi-clip cap hanger. Simply use the included claw clips to attach up to 10 hats and never worry about finding your favorite brim again. "Because the hats line up vertically, the whole thing takes up minimal room on the rod and makes it so easy to retrieve and return them," wrote Mary, a contributing writer who owns the hanger personally.

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These fabric storage bins are the crème de la crème when it comes to a convenient and stylish place to store your clothes. They're roomy and sturdy, with firm sides and a middle interior divider that helps you make the most of your storage space. The best part? Each box boasts a transparent front window that zips down, making seeing what's inside easy — and accessing it even easier.

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Best List Editor Britt credits these clear storage bins with transforming the way she organizes her apartment closet. "Before I got these bins, I didn’t have a good home for my belts, hats, and scarves," she says. "With the mDesign storage bins, I put all of my scarves in one place and used the other for belts and hats. Then I staggered both bins on the top shelf with dividers in between. My closet got a massive upgrade, and my bedroom looks so much cleaner." The bins are crafted from strong, durable plastic, with a sleek appearance and integrated handles. Plus, since the storage bins are clear, it’s easy to see what’s inside!

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Closet organization isn't just about coming up with storage solutions where there are none — it's also about making the most of what you do have. This mDesign shelf helps you do just that, transforming an expansive top closet shelf into several organized stacks. As AT writer Tyler Calder shared, "Creating visual separation in your closet will help you implement a system for keeping your clothes (and purses, scarves, and accessories) organized all season long." Another major perk: No tools are needed to install these dividers at all. Just slide them onto your shelf and boom — organized.

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If you're looking for a low-lift way to add some extra storage to your closet, look no further than these clever triangle hanger hooks. These small plastic triangles slide over the top of any hanger and rest on the front to house another hook. You can then repeat the process with more Space Triangles and hangers until you double or even triple the vertical space in your closet. An average-sized closet will probably max out at around three hangers, but you’re welcome to go as low as you can.

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Our cardinal rule for organizing any space: When in doubt, go up. This simplistic (yet effective!) shelf from mDesign adds extra shelving to your closet, all without lifting a drill. Translation: You'll no longer have to make the difficult decision between storing your winter sweaters and favorite concert tees — there's now room for both.

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Designed to nestle over the top of any standard door (closet or otherwise), this durable metal rod is wide enough to act as bonus storage in any manner you might need. Attach it to the inside of your closet door to house seasonal clothing you’ve pulled out of storage or “tomorrow’s outfit,” if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead. Or, hang it on the back of your bathroom door to hang-dry delicate shirts or as added towel storage — the opportunities are honestly endless.