The UGG Dupe Slippers I Adore So Much, I’ve Bought Them 4 Times

published Dec 4, 2023
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Close-up of a woman's feet in cosy slippers as she relaxes on the sofa at home.
Credit: georgeclerk / Getty Images

I’ve had a few major wardrobe perspective shifts over the last few years. First came the year of no clothes shopping. Then came the wave of Konmari, which allowed me to purge items that no longer brought me joy. Last year, I had my colors done by Created Colorful, which completely overhauled my relationship with my clothes (the way I buy them, declutter them, wear them, pack them, everything!). 

Along with these adventures, I had another specific major wardrobe win: finding the only slippers I ever want to own, the Lands’ End Women’s Suede Leather Fuzzy Shearling Fur Scuff Slippers. I mean, doesn’t the name alone make you want to slip your icy feet into them?! As someone who enjoys finding the best product in a category and making that item a household staple, discovering the perfect slippers was no small feat. And now, I never want to let them go. In fact, I’ve bought them four times! I’m on my own second pair (one of my dogs ate my first pair), and I’ve also purchased them as gifts. 

So what’s so great about these slippers? Oh, let me count the ways. 

First off, I love that they are leather, which makes them both durable and breathable. They are available in several fun colors, although I’ve always opted for English tan because it’s so neutral. The interior is genuine shearling which is not only comfortable, but — this is absolutely crucial — breathable. Unlike synthetic materials, the genuine shearling never makes my feet sweat. If there’s one thing I enjoy even less than cold feet in winter, it’s sweaty ones. 

The slippers slip right on, which means they’re easy to slide my feet into, even when stumbling sleepily out of bed on chilly winter mornings. And they slip off easily too, which is ideal for when you want to kick them off for a blanket-wrapped couch cuddle in front of the fire or a good movie. 

On top of all that, the soles are rubber, which makes them durable and versatile. You’re safe from slipping on the kitchen floor as you bake cinnamon rolls and you can also wear them to run to the mailbox. In a pinch, you could even step outside for a quick glimpse of the fallen snow without getting your feet soaked! 

The list price is $79.95, which honestly feels worth it for considering how much wear I get out of them. However, I’ve never bought them for more than $50 because they’re so often discounted. I’ve even seen them as low as $39.97! When you consider the quality and the fact that they’re basically an UGG slippers dupe, it’s a real bargain. 

The style is also classic enough to appeal to all ages. I’ve purchased them for my daughter and my mother, and they’ve both loved them. That’s three generations in these slippers! In addition to the women’s style, these slippers also come in a men’s version

Whether you buy these for yourself or as a gift (or a few), you cannot go wrong with these luxurious slippers. They embody all the warmth and comfort of the season, and bring so, so much joy. 

Buy: Women’s Suede Leather Fuzzy Shearling Fur Scuff Slippers, $79.95