Le Creuset’s Big Winter Sale Has Up to 50 Percent Off Dutch Ovens, Cast Iron Skillets, and Nonstick Pans

published Jan 11, 2023
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red Dutch oven on the stove
Credit: Le Creuset at Williams Sonoma

When it comes to seasonal recipes, I am very much a “grass is always greener” type of cook. In August, after a solid two months of light and refreshing dinners, I can’t wait to dig into a hearty stew. And, in the cold of January, my mind wanders to citrusy salads, chilled slaws, and cool gazpacho. But, before I get ahead of myself, I take stock of what cookware brands are doing with their inventories early in the year, which often looks like them handing out big discounts on their more expensive cold-weather cookware: cast-iron skillets, Dutch ovens, high-quality nonstick pans, and more.

So, even if you’re also thinking ahead to springtime cooking, you should check out the deals in Le Creuset‘s big winter sale. You can pick up their bestsellers — including their classic round and Dutch oven — for 40 percent off, and many of their other stylish pots and pans for up to 50 percent off. Our editors recommend Le Creuset gear because it lasts basically forever. So, any time you can grab these kitchen essentials at close to half-off is a smart time to invest! Check out some of our favorite picks below.

1 / 10
Le Creuset
was $340.00

The hero of many a soup, stew, braise, bake, and fry: This is one of Le Creuset's top-sellers — and among our favorite kitchen essentials — because it's suited to so many different kinds of cooking and maintains its color and durability for years. Did you know it's dishwasher-safe, too?

2 / 10
Le Creuset
was $175.00

If you don't have the option to cook on an outdoor grill — or you just don't want to go through the hassle of setting it up and cleaning it — then stovetop grill pans are a great way to keep your weekly dinner menus interesting. The handles on this one let you move it safely and even pop it in the oven.

3 / 10
Le Creuset
was $160.00

This chef's pan is incredibly versatile because of its combination of sloped edges, high sides, and a medium-sized base. You can comfortably maneuver it around your stove to make delicious sauces or cook up smaller portions of veggies.

4 / 10
Le Creuset
was $114.00

Le Creuset's iconic enamel coating keeps this steel kettle looking vibrant and stylish even after many long winters of boiling water for hot drinks. The wide, heat-resistant handle and spout opener keep your hands out of harm's way, too.

5 / 10
Le Creuset
was $272.00

Not having enough pans to cook everything at once can slow dinner down (and be really annoying). Give yourself a break with this pair of stainless-steel pans in 10-inch and 8-inch sizes. They stack neatly in drawers or cupboards and come in handy when you're working with a crowded stovetop.

6 / 10
Le Creuset
was $330.00

An enamel coating on the pan means you can use this right out of the box without having to season it like uncoated cast-iron skillets. Its generous size — 15 inches wide — makes it an ideal serving platter for you to take right from the kitchen and set on your table.

7 / 10
Le Creuset
was $380.00

As a counterpart to Le Creuset's wider, oval Dutch oven, this taller and slightly narrower design is easier to transport in and out of the oven and still gives you over 5 quarts of cooking room. It's perfectly sized for small spaces.

8 / 10
Le Creuset
was $174.00

High-walled sides reduce the amount of splatter that escapes this nonstick pan so you can crisp up veggies and meat without worrying about having to wipe down your entire cooking area later. It can also go in the oven, which is nice if you want to finish a dish with high heat from all sides.

9 / 10
Le Creuset
was $175.00

We appreciate the square shape and medium size (under 10 inches wide) of this griddle. Those dimensions make it well-suited for small kitchens and only take up one burner at a time, compared to the longer, two-burner griddles that are more common. This could be your new favorite breakfast tool!

10 / 10
Le Creuset
was $184.00

The secret to wafer-thin crepes is cooking them on a surface that heats evenly and holds heat really well. Get your crepes — and pancakes — in order with this unbeatable pan that comes with two free tools: a wooden spatula and wooden rateau for spreading batter.