I Swear By This Best List-Winning White Noise Machine for a Good Night’s Sleep (And It’s On Major Sale!)

published Feb 21, 2023
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I’ve lived in Brooklyn for eight years, so you would think that I’d finally be able to fall asleep to the city’s sounds, but alas I am as noise-sensitive as ever. If I can hear people shouting outside on their way to the numerous bars on my block or an aggressive motorcycle driver, I’m going to lay awake (or worse, get jostled out of sleep). It’s a curse, honestly. About six years ago, when I lived with a roommate who would often come home at 3 a.m. on weeknights, my friend got me a joke-y sanity package that included foam ear plugs and a white noise machine. That’s when my love affair with white noise machines began — I didn’t hear anything when that roommate came into the apartment, it was glorious. Unfortunately for me and my sleep schedule, that white noise machine died two years ago. It had been discontinued and the brand no longer existed, so I had to find a new one.

After doing extensive research on Amazon, I found the LectroFanEVO White Noise Machine and I’ve used it every night since. It actually won a spot on our Best Sound Machines list, too. I liked that it wasn’t super cheap or too expensive — I paid full price (which is currently $59.95) but it’s on sale now for $39.99.

About as compact and as stylish as a white noise machine can get, the LectroFanEVO is pretty intuitive to use, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to adjust it in the dark, or you might accidentally hit the wrong setting (like I have done, numerous times). What I like most about this machine is that it isn’t a “sound machine.” I’ve never enjoyed the frog noises, the babbling brook, and other nature sounds from other noise machines. This machine specializes in white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fan sounds, and ocean sounds, which are the only sounds I can fall asleep to.

There are 10 fan sounds, 10 white, pink, and brown noise variations, and the two ocean sounds. I usually go for a less-intense white noise option. I’ve found that other white noise machines that I tested for Best List had more of a metallic sound, which I found distracting and difficult to fall asleep too, but this option does not sound electronic. It simply drowns out the street noise. To be real though, there are limitations to a white noise machine — if your neighbor is a DJ and they are blasting the bass, there’s nothing that any white noise machine can do about it.

But even my boyfriend, who detested my last white noise machine, has come around to this one. He’ll ask if we can turn it on when our street is noisy. So if he, an extremely stubborn person, has some to like it, so you will you.

Buy: LectroFanEVO White Noise Sound Machine, $39.99 (normally $59.95)