This Super Slim Rolling Cart Will Help You Make Use of Any Narrow Space (It’s On Sale!)

published Jun 7, 2023
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Bathroom with black and white accents, detail of sink and black cabinet

No matter how minuscule it is, I can’t stand a small space that goes unused. Just to give you my frame of mind for reference, I’ve even stored reusable grocery bags in the few inches of space between the fridge and the wall. So whether the gap is between the toilet and sink, the washing machine and dryer, the fridge and kitchen counter, and so on — I have to use it or it’ll irk me to no end, taunting me endlessly.

When an area seems just tiny or narrow enough that I can’t fit anything there, I treat it as a challenge. I’ll do everything I can to figure out a solution and prove myself wrong. I’ll hunt online for hours for something that’ll help me make use of every single inch of my apartment, and oftentimes it isn’t easy. With this incredible find on Amazon, though, I’ve got you covered — there’s no need for you to spend an outrageous amount of time scrolling through furniture sites. May I present to you: the LEHOM Slim Rolling Storage Cart, which should be added to your wish list immediately if you want to turn that seemingly unusable space into ample storage?

With a width of nearly 7 inches, this thing really can fit almost anywhere. You may be thinking — 7 inches? How much can I really fit on that? A surprising amount, actually. The cart has four tiers that are extremely durable — it can hold up to 66 pounds — and they have a lot of space between them, so you’re free to stack anything you’d like on it. And you don’t have to worry about anything falling off, because every shelf has high guardrails on all sides. If you don’t want the cart to be quite so tall, it also can be adjusted to two or three shelves instead.

Credit: Amazon

The cart, which comes in white, black, and mint green, also features 360-degree wheels, so it can go anywhere in your house — whether that be the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or anywhere else. With its mesh hollow bottom, though, it’s especially suited for areas where it might get wet because it doesn’t allow any water to accumulate.

Many reviewers also praised the cart for its easy assembly, which is always a plus. “I have a tiny kitchen and was doing some organizing and looking for a skinny rolling cabinet to place my spices and other various odds and ends in the kitchen,” one reviewer said. “It was super easy to put together and works exactly like I wanted it to. “

The LEHOM Rolling Cart will totally transform any area of your home where you have a random sliver of space that you just aren’t quite sure what to do with, and no matter what size home you have, we all have one of those. And there’s more than one bonus: It comes with a hanging cup and four hooks for more storage. It’s 15% off for a limited time, bringing the price down to $29.74 — so what are you waiting for?

Buy: LEHOM Slim Rolling Storage Cart, $29.74 (usually $34.99)