My Dogs Have Tested a Ton of Dog Beds And This Cozy $40 Amazon Find Is Their All-Time Favorite

published Feb 28, 2024
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It would be an understatement to say that I test many pet products, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing! There are few activities I love more than spoiling my two rescue pups, and in the process, I’ve discovered some amazing products and brands that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. From grooming supplies to dog treats to crates that double as tables, I’ve built up an awesome collection for my pets that helps to keep my home nice and tidy while also keeping them very happy.

Over the years, they’ve tried out plenty of dog beds. Some were hits that we continue to use today and others… not so much. However, this next one is definitely a must-have. Lesure, the pet brand from the editor-favorite (and Best List-winning!) company Bedsure, has a wide range of products for dogs and cats that go beyond the norm. I had the chance to try out its Calming Pet Bed, and it exceeded expectations.

What is the Lesure Calming Pet Bed?

Not all calming pet beds are made the same, and just one look at Lesure lets you know it’s true. The brand offers stylish and trendy alternatives to basic beds for your pets, featuring prints, cozy fabrics, special hideouts, and more. The ergonomic flower-shaped pet bed mimics the super popular donut-shaped cushions, strategically stitching the edges to give it a delightfully floral twist. The “petals” come up high to create a deep-set nook, whether your pup is as tiny as a chihuahua or as large as a lab. They also serve as a soft place to land for pets to rest their heads without putting strain on their necks. This dreamy bed comes in four sizes and seven colors, so you can choose the right style for your furry companion.

Each of Lesure’s Calming Pet Beds is covered in soft, plush sherpa that your pet will love snuggling into whenever possible, and its non-slip base ensures it doesn’t slide around at the slightest touch. That makes it safer for senior dogs and cats as well as those who enjoy rolling around in their beds as much as they can (like mine). Best of all, with all the use this bed is sure to get, it’s conveniently machine-washable — and you don’t even have to remove the cushions to do it.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Lesure Calming Pet Bed

At first glance, what’s not to love about this charming flower bed? I love that it comes in both neutrals and bright colors to appeal to any aesthetic. It’s so cute in photos that you’d think it’s too good to be true, but I can say for certain that the bed is just as adorable in person. It arrives rolled up, so it does take some fluffing to redistribute the fill in the petals, but taking the time to do it is totally worth it. I love bringing color into my space however possible, so I naturally gravitated to the green bed for my dogs with no regret.

The lining of the bed looks just like a cozy teddy bear, and while I think it’s super cute, I knew right away that my dogs would think it was a toy. So, I had to introduce it to them slowly. However, once they understood that they weren’t supposed to tear it apart, it became their go-to bed for daytime rest. My younger dog, Chai, tends to use the bed more often, especially when I’m working from home in the same room. He curls up and stretches out as much as he wants with room to spare. All in all, I really love that Lesure is bringing fashion-forward fun to the pet furniture space, and can’t wait to try more from the collection. For now, I can say for certain that the flower bed is not to be missed!