The 25 Best Editor-Tested Pet Products of 2023

published Dec 19, 2023
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With the year coming to a close, it’s only natural to take a look back at what made your year special and what changes you’d like to make in the months ahead. That could mean anything from trimming down the amount of clothing in your closet, appliances on your kitchen counter, or buying brand new furniture. For me and other AT editors, who live with one fuzzy friend (or a few), it also means taking stock of the pet goods we have around our homes to see what’s worth keeping and what’s seen better days.

Editors have fortunately been able to share quite a few of the pet products they’ve loved throughout the year like pet furniturepet-friendly cleaning supplies, accessories, and more. Those items and more appear below in a comprehensive list of products from treats to toys that kept our pets happy this year. With a little time left to take advantage of holiday sales, why not get your pet something nice? Happy shopping!

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Not only do these elegant handmade ceramic dog bowls from Furb come as a pair, they also come in different styles. The bowls feature a chic and minimal speckled design with a light texture and semi-gloss finish. Each of these microwave- and dishwasher-safe bowls is slightly unique, which means your pet's will truly be one of a kind (just like they are!).

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I've said before that I couldn't have made it through housetraining my puppy without the help of ZOOP's Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator. Now that my pup is no longer a puppy, this pet stain remover is still one of my go-to products for pet messes of all kinds. It's effectively cleaned up behind accidents, illnesses, and everything in between, and most importantly, makes sure any unpleasant pet odors are long, long gone.

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was $139.99

"Not to be dramatic, but this machine has literally changed my life," says commerce managing editor Tamara in her review of this pet feeder and camera combo. "This thing holds up to 29 pounds of dry kibble, which feeds my two cats for approximately two weeks. So, if you’re going on a long vacation, you can rest easy knowing you can feed them no matter how far away you are. I also love that there’s a built-in camera, so I can see them when I feed them from my phone. Get this: You can even record voice prompts that’ll play during feeding time, so they’ll always feel like you’re right there with them!"

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For sudden and unexpected pet messes, it doesn't get much better than BISSELL's Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet Blotter Bottle. "When both dogs were in the next room, making no noise, I became alert. I went into the living room and saw what had befallen my carpet. The dogs looked at me with great remorse. I grabbed the stain remover and got to work. I removed any solids and soaked up liquids with paper towels, which I discarded. Then I covered everything with the stain removal liquid and waited a minute. I re-treated any areas that still looked stained," explains contributor Laura in her review. "Within minutes, the offending situation was erased and the house was back to normal."

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was $10.99

I needed time to work, and the dogs wanted me to play with them at the most inconvenient time. As a compromise, I stuck a few treats into this ball and let them go at it. Even after they knocked the treats out of it, they continued to kick and push it around the living room! I was able to finish my work, and they were able to play. Now, they want the ball all the time, whether or not there are treats in it! Outward Hound's Treat Tumble Ball is made of hard, food-safe plastic, and it's too large for my medium-sized dogs to pick up and carry around, so they're pretty much forced to kick it. There are two holes in it for treats or kibble, and it keeps them occupied for long periods of time.

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"I like the FurDozer X6 simply because it offers six ways to remove dog hair and I liked how the vertical handle fits in my hands," says contributor Barbara's review. The tool gives you varied options for cleaning up pet hair with squeegees, textured pads, and a crevice tool. It works on multiple surfaces, including your car, to keep your home and vehicle fur-free. "The best part of this device is the easy cleanup," Barbara adds. "All I had to do was remove the piles of hair and give the device a rinse to remove any remaining hair, then let it dry so it’s ready for next time."

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"I’ve had two cat scratching covers on my sectional for the entire time I’ve owned the sofa, about six years, and they’re still holding up great. If your cat is especially strong or aggressive you may notice the screws coming slightly loose over time, but you can quickly retighten them whenever you want," says contributor Nic in his review. "These aren’t the only designated scratching surfaces in my apartment, but both of my cats use them every day and they seem to be perfectly content with how scratchable they are."

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was $99.99

Whether you want indoor security or a way to keep an eye on your pets while you're out, the Best List-winning Google Nest will come in clutch. A couple of our staffers said theirs gives them peace of mind when they're not home with their own pets; the Nest app even sends alerts when it spots movement. Plus, you'll find that the device's zoom and camera quality is unmatched.

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was $50.67

My dogs aren't puppies anymore, but I still use these Pupford training treats just because they love them so much! This variety pack has all of my pups' meaty favorites, and are made with simple ingredients that I don't have to worry about. Additionally, each bag has nearly 500 tiny treats inside so they last for a long time.

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This Arlo Black Check Dog Sweater has a cozy knit and trendy design that will make your dog the most stylish pooch on the block. It has a ribbed hem, cuffs, and collar, and is made from durable 100% acrylic that's conveniently machine washable.

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Yamazaki Home

For a little more style while storing a giant bag of dog food, check out this sleek container from editor-favorite organizing brand Yamazaki. It can hold up to 15 pounds (they also sell small and medium containers if you don't need as much space) and includes a measuring cup for scooping kibble. The entire top opens, too, so it's easy to scoop and pour as needed.

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This luxury elevated pet bed from FÜZI is actually two beds in one. The base serves as a breathable platform for lounging, and the removable fluffy bed on top makes a cozy space for your pets to rest. I placed this bed in my living room and once the dogs realized it was for them, it was guaranteed that at least one of them would be in it napping or rolling around whenever I looked in that direction. Sometimes, they'd even share it! The bed is available in seven colors and three sizes for small to large dogs.

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As someone living in a multi-cat home, contributor Jennifer found the ultimate time-saver in the Roffie Pets Automatic Cat Feeder — though it took an adjustment period. In addition to a feeding timer, the device has a seven-liter capacity and voice alert capabilities. "I set the first timer and called all my cats into the kitchen for a test run. I anxiously awaited as the feeder finally blared, 'Time to eat, babies!' and dumped food into the dish. Although I was thrilled, my cats were utterly terrified," confesses Jennifer in her review. After some time, training, and a second feeder so more cats could dine at the same time, it became a huge convenience. "They ultimately realized the sound meant their bellies would soon be full," she explains. "Now they rush to the feeder instead of running away."

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I make sure to have one of these Waterproof Pet Blankets in my car whenever I take my dogs anywhere. It's especially come in handy for rainy days to help keep muddy paws off of the car seat. Besides the blanket being purely functional, it's also super cute and cozy. It's available in three styles — purple checkered, blue cloud, and green flower — and is made from soft and plush sherpa fleece that's sure to keep your pets warm.

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was $52.99

The compact Petcube 360 is a great pet camera option for those looking for one that's discreet and won't take up a ton of space on your tabletop. It rotates — you guessed it — 360 degrees, features 1080p HD video, night vision, and smart alerts that let you know who (or what) is crossing the room at any given time. The camera also pan tilts and has a mode that covers the lens whenever necessary for an added dose of privacy.

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When my room sprays and other home fragrance methods ran out, the ZOOP Pet Odor Remover Reed Diffuser kept my apartment smelling fresh. It has a citrusy scent that instantly kicks any lingering pet odors to the curb, and it lasts for months! I'm still on my first bottle, and while it's starting to run low, it hasn't run out. What I love most about this diffuser is that it doesn't just mask pet odors, it gets rid of them altogether, and that's without the use of any harsh chemicals.

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With a small senior dog at home, we're constantly concerned about his back. He continues to jump off of furniture, even though he's not quite as springy as he used to be. Lesure's Pet Stairs have helped so much to keep our dog safe and they also add a touch of fun to our living room. The stairs are available in three- and four-step heights as well as a number of designs that you can match to your space.

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If you're looking for a sleek dog crate, it doesn't get much better than Diggs. The Evolv Crate is one of the brand's newer offerings that functions like that typical crate, but also transforms into a playpen simply by removing the top. It's great for those with young or small dogs, and also comes with a puppy divider so the crate can grow with them. That being said, I'd definitely recommend crate training your pup in a basic crate before getting anything more pricey to avoid any damaged goods or potential pet injuries.

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The Coronado Faux Fur Dog Bed is so unbelievably soft that I wish I had one for myself! In the meantime, my two dogs take turns sleeping in it. The cover is made with buttery-soft faux fur (polyester) and the hypoallergenic cushion is filled with 100% recycled material. I also know from experience that this chic bed is also really easy to clean and holds up in the way, even if you end up having to wash it twice in a single week (like I did).

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was $32.68

My dogs can be picky about their food, but never when I top it with this flavored bone broth. It's available in chicken and beef flavors, and there are even corresponding dog treats that my pups also love! The savory broth is low in sodium, supports joint health, and is made with human-grade ingredients.

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Wild One
was $70.00

A number of AT staffers have these dog bowls, including one of mine! Wild One's Mealtime Kit is made up of a pair of the brand's stylish bowls (available in four colors) and a placemat to keep your floor clean while they dine. The bowl is made of sturdy, food-grade stainless steel that's dishwasher-safe and features a nonslip silicone base to keep food and water from moving around — a must for pets who love to excitedly rush to their bowls!

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was $199.00

"The kit tests for the dog breed as well as inherited health conditions, and collecting the sample for the Embark Vet DNA Test is actually the easiest part. It comes with detailed instructions, a swab, tube, and mailer to ship it back to the lab for analyzing," said this review of Embark's Breed & Health Kit, which gets your pup's results back in a matter of weeks. "Between arrival and results, I was constantly kept updated about where they were in the testing process, which I thought was a nice touch to keep me informed and make the wait feel shorter. Overall, I was really impressed!"

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Channel your dog's inner fashionista with this striped dog sweater from Furb. Like the brand's other sweaters, its hems are ribbed for extra durability and it has a lightweight knit for breathability.

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Though it comes with a hefty price tag, the Litter Robot 4 is a game-changer for cat owners. "Hands down, the best feature is the self-cleaning design so you never have to scoop poop ever again," says Tamara's review of the device. "The brand’s patented sifting process separates waste from clean litter so your furry friends have fresh litter every use (and if you’re a cat owner, you know how particular they are!)"

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was $499.00

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: the talk of the web this year was undoubtedly the Plufl Human Dog Bed. When our commerce editorial assistant put it to the test, she not only loved it, she called it "love at first lounge" and described it as "a lounge chair and a guest bed, but better." After all, who wouldn't want to take a nap in one of these things?