Life at Home: Ways To Enjoy a Grown-Up “Snow Day” Anytime

updated Jul 15, 2020
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During the first half of my life growing up in New York, snow days meant waking up early, gripping the radio in hope that my school’s name would be called out so I would get to spend the day playing in the snow with my friends.

The second half of my life has been on the West Coast where snow and winter became foreign words. Until last year that is when I moved to the Pacific Northwest and entered the world of seasons once more.

Now Seattle has seasons alright, but a snowy winter isn’t really part of the picture. When it does snow it’s only for a couple of days and usually not very deep, but because the city, the cars and the people are not equipped to handle it at all, the entire city turns into one long, extended snow day.

So now that I have the novelty of dealing with limited snow storms, I get to re-invent what a snow day is for me as an adult. Now after all, it is a snow day so I have kept it about fun, excitement and play, just with a grown-up twist. It’s an unexpected day off, so give yourself the day and have a little fun; which is something you can do anytime – winter weather absolutely optional!

My snow day(s) to-do list is as follows:

1. Bake a batch of cookies. I only made a half a batch this time because me and an entire batch of cookies stuck in the same house would not be a good thing.
2. Sit by the fire or cuddle up in a warm blanket with a book and a nice warm drink or a bowl of piping hot soup.
3. Throw in a movie or catch up on a series you’ve been wanting to see (I started American Horror Story).
4. Make an easy DIY craft you haven’t had the time to get to.
5. Take a hot bath with some salts or lavender oil and catch up on some of your favorite podcasts.
6. Walk to the nearest restaurant for brunch and a mimosa.
7. Invite friends over in walking distance and play a few games.

And if it really has snowed, you can fully indulge:

8. Bundle up and take a stroll in the snow with a steaming mug of tea or coffee in tow.
9. Find the nearest steep hill or closed street and go sledding. If you don’t have a sled you can create an easy make-shift one. Or try cross-country skiing on city sidewalks (I saw that this winter for the first time).
10. Make fresh snow ice cream.

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