The Customizable $15 Organizer That’ll Instantly Declutter Your Drawers (You’ll Want Them in Every Room!)

published May 31, 2024
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A bedroom with an open-face closet.

In recent months, I’ve gotten really into drawer organizers. Before that, I would always read my coworkers’ posts about how a simple insert can completely eliminate clutter in your flatware drawer, and I’m happy to have finally discovered the genius of such a simple product firsthand. While even the most basic drawer organizer can be a game-changer, most inserts lack a certain feature that’s somewhat hard to come by. The only complaint I have of my own organizers is that certain items tend to slide around in their compartments, which isn’t always a big deal.

Still, when I place a bunch of miscellaneous bar tools into one section, it’s kind of annoying that they jumble together, essentially defeating the purpose of the organizer in the first place. That’s why the like-it adjustable organizers I saw on The Container Store’s website are so genius. Each one features an adjustable divider, keeping items from budging within their individual compartments. If you like to play around with home storage solutions, I’m certain you’ll love this find, too.

What is the like-it Adjustable Organizer?

These organizers come in three sizes, which means they’ll fit in just about any drawer, no matter how narrow or wide. They all measure 13 inches long and, despite their varying widths, each one can hold a variety of items. The smallest one would be perfect for flatware in the kitchen, pens in the office, or makeup brushes in the bathroom. The medium size would probably do best in a dresser drawer, where its five-inch width can accommodate socks, ties, intimates, and other small garments or accessories. As for the large insert, you could use it to neatly store anything from shirts and pajamas to eye shadow palettes and hot hair tools. 

What sets these plastic inserts apart from others are their built-in adjustable dividers. Thanks to this feature, you can comfortably store different kinds of items within one compartment but still keep them separate, so your makeup compacts or spice jars remain perfectly upright. You’ll also be happy to learn that the inserts have interlocking sides. You can snap them together and create a customized configuration that utilizes every inch of drawer space.

Credit: The Container Store

What The Container Store Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“These are perfect for storing extra buttons that come with new clothing. I also use these in my scrapbooking room for all my tiny embellishments. I love that it is clear so there’s good light, and I know which container I’m looking for.” — OCDC

“Love these so much! I use them for underwear and non-underwire bralettes. I want more for undershirts and camisoles. Everything stays standing up and organized. Medium is the perfect size.” — AmyLynn

“I have been folding my clothes more in line with the KonMari method this year. These organizers are perfect and keep things from getting messy as I pull out the items and have empty spaces. They also keep me on my toes as I need to make sure I fold things the right way to get them back in their spots/containers! I use the three-inch wide ones for socks and also folded undies. And I use medium ones for tank tops and lightweight T-shirts. I plan on purchasing the large ones to fit some of my bulkier jeans, pants, etc. Love them!” — Christina182

Ranging from $10 to $15, the organizers are pretty affordable, too. I’m certain you’ll love whichever size you try, though nothing is stopping you from trying all three. Before you know it, every drawer in your home will be totally tidy and clutter-free.