Before and After: A “Pocket of Sunshine” Bedroom Redo Is a Maximalist Teenage Dream

published Aug 27, 2023
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You know the song “Pocketful of Sunshine?” Or the iconic scene from “Easy A” when Emma Stone can’t get it out of her head? You’ll find yourself in her same boat after looking at this of a teenager’s bedroom. In fact, homeowner and DIYer Hilary Crawford (@hilaryscolourfulhome) describes it as “a little pocket of sunshine now” and says “you cannot help but smile when you walk into it.”

Hilary and her daughter, Madison, redid Madison’s room for £750, or about $950. “My daughter is now 14, and her tastes have changed a lot since the room was last decorated,” Hilary says. “She wanted a fun but more grown-up space and had quite clear ideas about what she liked.”

Lilac, yellow, and florals replace turquoise and toys.

Before the redo, the room had turquoise walls, a desk in the corner, and lots and lots of Beanie Boos. In a tween-to-fully teen redo, Hilary and Madison swapped the teal, pink, and Beanie Boos for light purple, yellow, and florals.

“This room was last updated around five years ago, so although we loved the color when we first chose it, we felt it was time for a change,” Hilary says. “I always loved this turquoise color, so part of me was a bit sad to see that go.” 

But she’d never worked with yellow and lilac before, so she was excited to give it a try. “I took my time and created a mood board to ensure that I selected the right pieces and got the balance of color right in the room,” she says.

Tulip-patterned wallpaper and a scalloped paint job give the walls a special touch.

Madison kicked off the project by picking a wallpaper with a lilac and yellow tulip pattern. The design became the base for the rest of the room. Hilary took inspiration from the statement wallpaper for the paint for the rest of the walls. “I knew immediately that I wanted yellow to feature strongly but opted just to use it on the bottom of the walls so that it didn’t overwhelm the room,” Hilary says. “I added a nice warm cream to the top of the walls and ceiling using a scallop edge between the two colors.”

DIY upgrades revive the existing furniture. 

Without the budget to buy all new furniture, the mom-and-daughter team decided to make use of what was already there. Hilary painted the desk, bedside table, and storage unit a shade of lilac that matched the statement wallpaper, and added a special touch to the bedside table. “I decided to add some leftover wallpaper onto the drawer fronts at the last minute, which is now one of my favorite items in the room,” she says. “I also made my own DIY headboard to save some money.” 

Madison always wanted a velvet headboard, so Hilary made one that could be attached to the existing bed frame. She used MDF plywood, foam, and upholstery velvet to create a headboard that fit the color scheme.

One new purchase that Hilary says makes a big difference in the space is the Roman shades on the windows. “Getting rid of the curtains and replacing them with Roman blinds has made the room feel a lot bigger as well as let a lot more light in,” Hilary says.

In the future, Hilary and Madison want to add a rug to the room to give it a little more warmth and texture, but both are really happy with how the space looks. “I just love how uplifting the room has turned out,” Hilary says. To see the rest of Hilary’s cheery and color-filled home, take the full tour.