Lindsay & Jeremy’s Mindfully Merged Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Lindsay & Jeremy
Location: Capitol Hill — Washington, DC
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 1

As anyone who’s ever lived with a significant other can tell you, there’s an art to compromise. When Lindsay and Jeremy moved in together four years ago, they found themselves confronted with the challenge of creating a space that reflected their mutual interests (books, movies, music) without losing sight of their individual aesthetics (geek chic for him, granny chic for her).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most of their belongings came together naturally, but when it came to the more contentious items, they decided to meet each other halfway. Jeremy gave up his Search for Spock poster in exchange for control of arranging the bookshelf. Lindsay was allowed to keep her collection of old records as long as Jeremy could display his action figures. The result of these negotiations is a seamlessly merged apartment that makes guests feel instantly connected to the couple. Walking through the space, you can’t help but feel like you’ve known them forever.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Somewhere between Don Draper and Dorothy Draper. I like a good mix of clean, simple lines with bold, over-the-top accents. I’d put stripes and chintz on every surface if I could, but Jeremy wouldn’t feel at home in a space like that. As a compromise, I’ve toned down some of my more outrageous tendencies.

Inspiration: I don’t think I was aware of it until fairly recently, but most of my design inspiration comes from my grandparents. When I look at the things I’ve been drawn to over the years, they were design elements that were used in their homes. After coming to this realization, I’ve found myself seeking out items that remind me of them. It’s been very satisfying to see these things come together with things that reflect my personal aesthetic interests. And, like a lot of other design-minded people, I gather a lot of inspiration from blogs and magazines.

Favorite Element: The working fire place and the original artwork.

Biggest Challenge: Lighting (both natural and artificial). Because we live in the lower unit of a long, narrow rowhouse, we only get natural light at the ends of our apartment. There is also very little overhead lighting, and floor lamps aren’t always the most visually-appealing solution. I’m always in search of lighting alternatives that don’t require rewiring or permanent alteration.

What Friends Say: People often comment that we’ve done a good job of making a space that visually represents our relationship. That, and they want to know about our sofa.

Biggest Embarrassment: Probably the bedroom. It was painted this color when we moved in, and we just haven’t gotten around to redoing it.

Proudest DIY: I wanted to create a natural looking “extension” to the mantle by adding a mirror to it. I found a cheap mirror that I painted the same color as the mantle and mounted it on the wall above the fireplace.

Biggest Indulgence: Either the sofa or the Kartell Bougie lamp. I saved up for several months to buy each of these things.

Best Advice: “Just buy things that you like and find a way to work them into your home. Ask questions later.”

Dream Sources: International flea markets, 1st Dibs, Monument in San Francisco, Midwestern thrift stores, Anthropologie.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Resources of Note:

The only paint jobs we were responsible for were the living room walls (Benjamin Moore Iced Cube Silver) and the paint in the office (Benjamin Moore Poolside Blue). The rest of the paint was here when we moved in.

• Sofa: Room and Board
• Saarinen-style Side Chairs: Craigslist
• TV Stand: Craigslist
• Dining Table: Craigslist
• Chairs: Kurt Peterson
• Ottoman/bench: Ebay
• Shelving: Ikea
• Record Table: Etsy
• Office Desks: Overstock
• Office Chairs: Craigslist
• Bedroom Set: Ikea Malm
• Bedroom Chair: Urban Outfitters

I acquire most of these things from thrift stores, Ebay, or Etsy. The jade vase and the glass display of vintage matchbooks were my grandparents (and as such, they are my most cherished items).

West Elm (floor lamp in living room), Hive Modern (Kartell Bougie lamp), Crate and Barrel (office lamp), Ikea (bedroom lamps)

Dwell Studio sheets, Ikea duvet cover, throw pillow from Peony Lane on Etsy.

Nate Berkus for HSN (living room rug), Urban Outfitters (kitchen rug), and Anthropologie (bedroom rug)

Owning original art is something I have always been very into, so I have a lot of it. Jeremy’s grandmother is an artist, so we have a lot of things from her. The artwork in the office is by our dear friend, Kevin Lawler. The Woody Allen print in the living room is Jeremy’s (he says he bought it from a record store in Newport News, VA that’s no longer open). The Washington, DC print is from Ork Posters. I also have a lot of pieces from Etsy sellers, including Farfalla, Claudia Varosio, Bees and Trees, Yee Haw, and Erasoul.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

-Lindsay Wood

Images: Lindsay Wood