This Ultra-Powerful Little Vacuum Cleaner Saved My Sofa from Stubborn Food Stains and Pet Messes (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

published Jan 25, 2023
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Before bringing pets into my home again, very rarely did I have to clean up stains. I’m more of a clutterer than a spiller. However, now that I’m sharing my space with two furry companions, you can never find me too far away from a wet wipe, stain remover, or paper towel. I’m much quicker about cleaning up messes, because the messes being made are way more urgent. As a result, it’s caused me to step up my cleaning products around the apartment. That’s not limited to surface cleaners and soap, but it’s even crossed over into the appliances that I use. BISSELL’s Little Green Cleaning Machine made waves on social media a couple of years ago, and I’ve been using the Little Green Pet Pro for nearly a year. It was such a hit in my household that I’ve been loaning it out to my family, and it didn’t take long to see what made it worthwhile.

I wasn’t expecting the first time I used the Little Green Pet Pro to be caused by an emergency, but I was so glad I had it when I needed it most. In the early days after adopting my dog Leo, he had digestive issues and sometimes wouldn’t eat, which sometimes meant he couldn’t keep his food down. One morning, while Leo was still adjusting to his new home, I left him alone on the living room sofa for under five minutes only to return to find vomit right in the middle of one of the cushions. I could feel myself start to panic: How was I going to clean it? Then I remembered I’d just received the Little Green Pet Pro and one of its convenient functions is cleaning upholstered furniture. I spot cleaned as much as I could with household cleaners, then started up the Little Green machine to take care of the rest. Because it was such a big spot I had to clean anyway, I scrubbed the entire sofa cushion, left it to air dry for the day, and once it was dry, it was like the mess had never been there! The machine comes with a trial bottle of pet cleaning solution, which helped with the odor. I then finished it off with a spray of Febreze Touch, and was back to enjoying my couch soon after.

The Little Green Pet Pro is a pod-like carpet and upholstery cleaner with two tanks on it: One tank holds water mixed with cleaning solution, and the other holds all the dirty water that gets sucked into it as you clean. It comes with a tough stain tool, a pet stain tool, and a crevice tool that came in handy when I had to clean in the tufted sections of the sofa cushion. To use it, you attach the tool you’d like to clean with, spray the area with cleaning solution by pressing a button on the nozzle, and then push the tool into the stain and drag it in strokes to suction it up. You can see the water going from clean to dirty in the body of the cleaner and before you know it, you’ve got refreshed furniture, carpet, or even a rug! The cleaner can also be used in the car if you have an accessible plug for its 20-foot power cord. One factor to note is that it’s not a quiet machine, so if you’re in an apartment or don’t live alone, you’ll want to wait until waking hours (if you can) out of courtesy.

After passing the vomit test with flying colors, the Little Green Pet Pro was put to another test only days later when I accidentally smashed a fallen piece of chocolate cake and icing into the sofa. I was annoyed with myself because I felt like I’d just cleaned the couch, but I immediately knew what I had to do. I whipped out the Little Green machine again, grateful that this mess was much smaller, and cleaned up the cake mess in just a few minutes. Now that I’ve tried one for myself for pet messes, food messes, and more, I can absolutely see what all the hype was about over BISSELL’s Little Green collection. Having to use the Little Green Pet Pro so often in a short amount of time was proof enough to me that it’s my house cleaning hero. It couldn’t have shown up at a better time!

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