Spring Cleaning

7 Little Luxuries to Treat Yourself After Doing All Those Deep-Cleaning Tasks This Spring

published Apr 23, 2023
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Take a deep breath. Can’t you just smell the freshness of your home? All your linens are freshly washed; beneath your bed is finally free of dust and pet fur; your fridge is back to factory-ready clean. Whether you followed our Spring Cleaning Cure or did some deep-cleaning on your own, it’s time to kick back and congratulate yourself on a job well-done. Spend some “way to go, you” time with these little luxuries that will make sure you feel as good as your home.

Scented Candle

Your home smells clean, but does it smell as lovely as you want it to? Pick out your favorite scented candle and get it going. Fill the air with some more joy! If you can’t burn any candles in your place, try a seasonal simmer pot — different concept, the same lovely scent.


The dishes and sinks may be washed, but your hands probably need a little help now. Dip into a moisturizer with a relaxing scent that will smooth out those dish-induced wrinkles. This ultra-hydrating gel from Trader Joe’s is great and affordable, too. 


Are you one of the lucky ones who got a personal massager over the holidays? Put it to use on those muscles that need some relaxation after stretching all over the place to clean the nooks and crannies of your place. If you didn’t get one, book yourself an in-person massage to get all the knots out.


Bring some healing and soothing scents into your freshly cleaned shower with aromatherapy tablets. You can put them on the floor of the shower and they melt away like bath bombs, all the while releasing scents that will calm and comfort you.

Suncatcher Cling

Now that your windows are as beautiful as they can be, dress them up with suncatchers. Add a bit of rainbow fun to your life with a prismed cling film that will scatter colorful splashes all over your home. Or, hang a large multi-faceted crystal from the window. You’ll get the same colorful effect but you’ll still be able to see outside and enjoy the spring greenery.

Bubble Bath

Want a great way to relax all those muscles you used for cleaning? Hop into a bath and fill it with bubbles. (You can also surround yourself with those scented candles from above!) Allow yourself some time to lounge and release all the cleaning stress. If you have a waterproof ebook, bring it with you so you can escape just that little bit more.


Perhaps the reward of all rewards, treat yourself to something sweet once you’ve finished all the hard work of spring cleaning. Choose your favorite, whether it’s in bar form, a truffle, or even just hot chocolate that makes you feel cozy and at home. If you’d rather do anything but make another empty dish, or you don’t have a sweet tooth, plant some Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) — a rare flower that actually smells like chocolate.