This Hollywood Hills Mansion Has a ‘Human Aquarium’

published Mar 5, 2018
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When it comes to incredibly expensive and extremely luxe Los Angeles real estate, a pool is pretty standard. At this point, two pools are pretty standard. But this $28 million dollar spec house has raised the aquatic stakes with its in-living room pool— aka a human aquarium.

The infinity pool is glass on three sides, so that people can look into the pool (and out into the LA skyline) from the living room or movie theater. The movie theater does have the option of shades to cover up the pool so as not to disturb any screenings.

Located in the exclusive Bird Streets area of the Hollywood Hills, the 9,997 square foot, five bedroom, seven bathroom home has floor to ceiling windows and over 5,000 square feet of patios and decks. Along with its funky pool the most LA things about this home are 1) its wine and tequila cellar and 2) its “wellness alcove.”

“So many of the homes up here are very similar white boxes,they’re cool to see, but they’re hard to live in after a while. This is more homey” Sotheby’s International agent Andrew Wilson told the Wall Street Journal. Its mix of walnut and breccia stone floors adding warmth and texture to the space.

The mansion is known as Cork House, after the cork tree, “a symbol of resilience and intention, served as an inspiration for the construction; a single tree was integrated into the home’s design early on.”

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