Lula’s Baby Bunnyland

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Sarah Hebenstreit)

Name: Lula
Location: Mission District in San Francisco, California
Room Size: 9′ x 11′

When your mother is a French illustrator and paper artist, you know you’re going to have a truly special room! Mom Chloé Fleury has created a modern space for her daughter Lula that is equally warm and whimsical. Filled with a mix of off-the-shelf items as well as lovingly hand-crafted projects, inexpensive pieces and splurges, little Lula will have a beautiful and heartfelt space to grow in for years to come.

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(Image credit: Sarah Hebenstreit)

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?
I put a lot of thought into the nursery to make it look fun and cozy. This is such a small space so I tried to make it feel open and welcoming. Of course I couldn’t not have bunnies in her room as they kind of became my signature style in the last year! So this was my starting point and I played around them by adding clouds and other playful shapes like the triangles.

I wanted the room to look soft and feminine but not too girly too pink (my husband is already sick of pink, so I added subtle touches of mint, which is one of my favorite colors, and a grey wall for a modern look!

What is your favorite piece or element?
I really took the time and hand-picked each piece for the room, so I love each detail. I had fun making the paper bunnies and the cloud hooks (I had them laser cut in a wood shop in Oakland) as well as the knitted blanket and pillow. The blanket was my first project – I’m a little proud of myself for finally learning how to knit, which was on my to do list for years! I actually found it very relaxing during my pregnancy.

I also enjoyed spending a lot of time on Etsy to find cool pieces like the bicycle blanket and the knitted crown! I think the triangle stickers are a great addition too – they make the nursery look fun and modern.

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?
This room was my workspace, so the biggest challenge was to make it half workspace/half nursery. We repainted the whole room white and have one wall on Lula’s side grey for the separation.

(Image credit: Sarah Hebenstreit)

What do your friends say about the room?
I think they love it, but they were not surprised that I enjoyed decorating it. They made fun of me because I was only five months pregnant and the room was already done! I was so excited and happy to do it, I just couldn’t wait! This was my little project. I was so impatient to have my baby girl, decorating her room made the wait easier and actually fun. And it seems like it inspired many of my Instagram/blog followers to decorate their baby nursery by the amount of bunny orders when I re-opened my shop a couple weeks ago!

Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?
Just have fun doing it! And don’t wait the last minute! I was really happy I started early so I could relax at the end of my pregnancy (and work on her birth announcement). I have many friends who waited the last month to do it and they were very stressed. There are so many things to think about!

If money were no object, what’s your dream source?
I would have bought the Caravan crib from Kalon! I don’t think I would have changed any of the decorations, I just would have moved to a bigger apartment so that I could add even more things like a little teepee and a couch for our afternoon naps together!

(Image credit: Sarah Hebenstreit)

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