This Lightweight Wet-Dry Vacuum Makes It so Easy to Clean My Tiny Bathroom’s Tight Corners

published Nov 1, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When it comes to cleaning, I’m all about efficiency. If there’s a cleaning tool on the market that can do more than one thing, I definitely want to know more about it! I don’t have a lot of storage space in my apartment, so a small selection of multipurpose cleaning products is about as much as I can manage. Recently, I had a chance to test out the Lunaglow Nano, a new 3-in-1 multi-surface wet-dry vacuum, and had some surprising revelations.

The Lunaglow Nano is a multi-surface wet-dry vacuum that can be used on rugs, carpet, tile, sealed hard floors, and more. With so many options, you can start almost anywhere! The vacuum comes with a roller brush, a HEPA filter for vacuuming, a sponge filter for mopping, a long cleaning brush, a filter cleaning brush, cleaning pods, and a charging dock. What I loved right away about the Lunaglow Nano was that it’s truly a super-lightweight grab-and-go machine. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up, so I never had to psych myself up just to clean with it. 

The first room I cleaned with the Lunaglow Nano was my bathroom. It’s by far one of the smallest spaces in my apartment, so it doesn’t take long to clean. But when I do get in there, I want to make sure I do a really good job. Like many, I sweep before mopping anywhere; however, with the Nano, I was able to vacuum the tile floor to pick up any dust, hair, and other bathroom debris before switching over to mop mode with the click of a button. There are two tanks on the Nano: One at the top for clean water and another at the bottom for dirty water and everything else that gets picked up along the way. 

Outside of the powerful suction of this vacuum, I got the biggest surprise when I needed to clean the floor around my toilet. It’s constantly a pain spot due to how little space there is between the wall and bathtub. I almost skipped the area altogether, thinking it would take too much maneuvering to fit the vacuum in such a narrow space. But something inside me said, “Just try.” So I did, and it actually worked! The Nano fit around the toilet on both sides, making it possible to clean the entire floor without having to swap out my tools. Once vacuuming was done, all I had to do from there was replace the HEPA filter with the sponge filter and press the “Water Level” button the underside of the handle to jump into mop mode. When all was said and done, my bathroom floor was spotless!

Credit: Lunaglow

The Lunaglow Nano has a default voice setting that was extremely helpful the first few times I used it. It reminds you to put the vacuum back on the dock once you’re finished with it, and to press the self-cleaning button once it’s there. It even makes sure you know to clean out the dirty tank before wrapping up your time with the machine for the day. Essentially, it got me into a routine with the vacuum before I disabled the voice setting altogether. I LOVE the self-cleaning mode! It takes only 60 seconds, and when it’s done, the vacuum is already charging. While the vacuum can run up to 30 minutes, it also charges quickly. Additionally, the bright display counts down the battery percentage as you use it. I don’t think I’ve ever gone below 50 percent before I was finished. It’s really efficient!

Since cleaning my bathroom, I’ve also used the Lunaglow Nano on my kitchen floor and living room carpet, and it’s picked up so many different messes with ease. I love that I can reach for a single machine to take care of all the floors in my apartment without thinking twice. Anything that streamlines housecleaning is certainly a win in my book!

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