This Best List-Winning Laundry Basket Is So Versatile, I Even Use It as a Tote

published Mar 6, 2023
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Laundry basket on living room rug with folded clothes in it
Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Anna Surbatovich

Since I can’t do laundry at my apartment, I’m constantly on the lookout for more convenient methods of transporting it and keeping it contained. I have four hampers at home, each with a different purpose: The biggest is for blankets and heavy linens, the collapsible one is currently holding towels that will be donated to my little brother when he moves into his own place, and then I have two for everyday clothing. My everyday laundry hampers couldn’t be more different. One is tall, the other is short, and while one of them can be folded down for storage, the other has to stay out at all times. However, the smaller of the two — the Lustroware Modern Feel Storage Tote Basket — has become the shining star of my household for making my life easier. It even made AT’s laundry basket Best List as the top portable pick! This basket is the epitome of small and mighty, and I use it the most out of all my hampers at home.

Though I primarily use it for laundry, the Lustroware Storage Tote Basket has features that make it a stellar multipurpose find for the home; especially if you’re short on space. At just 16.25 inches high, the plastic basket is compact but has large, sturdy handles that make it easy to carry. Because of that, I use it for transporting packages from the mailbox back to my apartment and toting around laundry on wash days. Its capacity is roughly a load and a half of clothing, which keeps me from overpacking it and breaking the handles. Though the basket is durable, it’s still important to not weigh it down with a lot of heavy items that could lead to breakage. This is a basket you’ll want for the long haul due to all of its convenient uses, including a hamper and toy bin. 

Credit: Britt Franklin

I was surprised by the size of this storage tote because I expected it to be slightly larger based on the photos. I’m only 5’2” and the basket doesn’t quite reach my knees, and yet, it can hold SO much! I once dumped the clothing from my almost-full 72-liter hamper into the basket and nearly everything fit into the Lustroware basket without it spilling over. Another benefit of its petite size is its portability. My larger hamper has long handles for carrying, but because it’s so long, it can still be a challenge to maneuver it without a struggle. I haven’t had problems carrying the Lustroware tote at all. It’s short and narrow on its long-end, so whether I’m holding it in my hand or it’s hooked on my elbow, it’s never gotten in the way of my stride. In my opinion, the only thing that would make this basket even better is if it came in more colors.

As far as laundry goes, the Modern Feel Storage Tote Basket is super versatile. I’ve used it for pillowcases and sheets, “clean” clothes that don’t have to be washed after every single time they’re worn (like jackets), towels, a sorting basket for clothes while folding laundry, and so much more. It’s super versatile and small enough for its purpose to be swapped out in the blink of an eye. I wasn’t expecting to love this basket as much as I do, but now I’m recommending it to everyone looking for a tiny and quick laundry fix!