This Air Sanitizer Spray Keeps My Home Smelling Fresh and Eliminates Germs

published Oct 5, 2023
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Credit: Lula Poggi

I have been in search of something that would help freshen up the smells in my home. I’ve always had very acute senses, and my nose is particularly sensitive. I am one of those people who sniffs a glass of water before drinking. So, even with regular cleaning, I still notice stray odors in my house. Whether it’s the musty scent after sleeping with windows closed, the after-effects when my child refuses to wear socks and then throws his sweaty shoes off, lingering food odors, or a general “dog smell,” even when I do my best to rinse her after she rolls in the grass, I cannot avoid smells. 

Quick Overview

A Quick Look at Lysol Air Sanitizer Spray

  • Neutralizes odors.
  • Eliminates germs.
  • Comes in white linen, light breeze, and simple fresh scents.

That’s why I tried the Lysol Air Sanitizer Spray. For sanitizers, I’ve only done topical cleaners and had good success with Lysol products in the past. And I wanted a spray because my usual deodorizers, candles, and various sprays weren’t cutting it. I chose the “white linen” scent because of a sense of nostalgia from walking past dorms in college and getting a whiff of laundry coming up from the basements where the laundry rooms were located. They also have “light breeze” and “simple fresh” scents, which I also tried and now keep in the bathrooms upstairs. I’ve never been one for aerosol air fresheners, but I’m a convert now. 

A few minutes after spraying, any odors in the area are neutralized. I dislike bad smells, but I also dislike fake smells, and I don’t find the scents from this line overwhelming. They smell fresh and subtle — like my house might if I’d just finished a load of laundry. 

The main purpose of Lysol products is germ elimination. Now that school is back in session and a whole new host of germs are coming my way from my darling children and their friends, I like knowing that the air spray targets airborne viruses and bacteria. This includes bacteria that makes people sick, as well as ones that create unwanted odors. When used as directed, the description says it can eliminate 99.9% of germs in the air, which is a big deal, as my kids’ school is having increased cases of COVID-19 and other illnesses going around. 

This air spray is the first EPA-licensed air sanitizer, which makes me feel better about using a spray inside. The recommended way to use it is to make sure you’re the only one in the room while spraying (otherwise, pets or kids might get a face-full, which wouldn’t be great for them). 

Then, block off ventilation and close windows. The canister has a lock which is easy to use, but not necessarily easy for a kid to undo. The canister recommends spraying toward the center of the room and ceiling in a sweeping motion and then leaving the room for at least four minutes. Leave for 12 to make sure germs from coronavirus and other illnesses get eliminated. 

Once the product has had time to work and settle, you can open windows and vents as usual. Don’t concentrate the spray over hardwoods, as it can make them slippery or damage them, and keep it away from little kids. It’s not a spot cleaner or odor treatment for specific areas like a furniture spray you use on one section; it’s meant to treat the air in the room and then dissipate. 

I’ve been impressed by the lasting power of this product. It doesn’t leave a chemical scent or even the perfume of the product for long, but does neutralize the bad smells for a while.