Made In’s Editor-Favorite Nonstick Cookware Now Comes In Two Gorgeous New Colors

published Jan 10, 2023
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made in champagne nonstick cookware
Credit: Made In

It makes sense that restaurant-grade frying pans are often superbly well-suited for home cooking. They’re built to churn out dozens of dishes a day and sit under blazing hot broilers, so of course they can handle toasting a grilled cheese sandwich (or two, if the first one wasn’t big enough). That’s why plenty of our editors’ favorite kitchen tools are made with pro-level materials and construction. They also have a go-to place to find them: Made In.

Made In’s goal is to give home chefs easy access to professional cookware, and they just made their nonstick lineup more enticing by adding two new colors — Pomme Red and Champagne — both of which are on sale right now. If you’ve been curious to see the difference that pro-grade kitchen tools can make, or if you just want to add a saucepan or high-walled sauté pan to your cooking arsenal, now is your time to shine.

Champagne, a slightly shimmery off-white, is available in all the stovetop pieces of Made In’s nonstick collection. That includes a 10-inch frying pan; a small, lidded saucepan; a larger sauté pan; and a stock pot that’s plenty large for simmering soups, braising meats, or boiling pasta. The four-item bundle saves you over $130 as opposed to getting the pieces individually, so it’s a worthy deal if neutral cookware colors are really your thing.

Pomme Red, which is a kind of mesmerizing burnt sienna or dark ruby, is exclusively available in three different nonstick frying pan sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. I’ve never called any piece of cookware romantic, but this new, deep-red color makes these pans the most romantic cookware I’ve ever seen. (Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?) As with the Champagne bundle, you’ll save a tidy sum — almost $80 — if you grab all three pans at once. 

Compared to competing high-end cookware makers, Made In is special because they spent decades making pots and pans only for professional chefs before ever offering their time-tested wares to home cooks. That dedication to designing gear that’s tough enough to withstand intense, daily use comes through in the quality. After one of Kitchn’s editors tried their nonstick set for over a year, she was so impressed by the complete lack of scratches that she ditched her old standby cookware brand to go all in on Made In.

Credit: Made In

There may have been a time when the pros liked to keep their tools and toys to themselves. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Today, you can outfit your kitchen with pots and pans that can hang out in a 500-degree oven with no problem (they really can). Try Made In’s top performers in one of two brand new colors and don’t be surprised when they become the pots and pans you reach for every time.