Make a Festive (and Functional) Gift Wrapping Station

published Dec 7, 2016
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(Image credit: Jay Wen)

If you’re anything like us, this is the time of year when your inner crafter comes out of hibernation. Without fail, every surface is suddenly covered in stickers, grosgrain ribbon, baker’s twine and 12 different varieties of pretty paper. This year, we finally figured out a way to sort through the random supplies, decorate an out-of-the-way corner, and elevate our gift-wrap game in one go. Using Command™ Brand Hooks and Caddies, we set up this wrapping station in under an hour!

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Step 1: Prep Your Space & Gather Your Supplies

Choose where you want to set up your station. Anywhere that combines empty wall space with a surface for wrapping works well. Desks, dressers, or rolling carts are all good bets. Before hanging your hooks and caddies, gently clean the wall with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Then gather:

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Step 2: Hang Your Paper Rolls

We used Command™ Clear Large Hooks to hang wooden dowel paper-holders for an easy cut-and-roll routine. First, use a level and pencil to mark the ends of several horizontal, evenly spaced lines on the wall. (We used 4 long dowels and 1 short one.)

Then, adhere the hooks. (Check this post for tips on correctly hanging and removing Command™ Hooks.) After securing the hooks to the wall, wait 1 hour before running the dowels through the wrapping paper rolls and mounting them on the hooks. This ensures that the adhesive has time to set.

Tip: Make sure that hooks are level, so the weight is evenly distributed to hold the rods. When you’re using more than one hook to hold an item, the total weight capacity remains the same as one hook.

Step 3: Hang Your Craft Caddies

To hold bows, cards, scissors, and pens, we used Command™ Clear Caddies in small, medium, and large sizes. Mount them on the wall according to the instructions on the packaging and wait 1 hour before filling them with supplies, so the adhesive has time to set.

Step 4: Hang Your Chalkboard

We added a chalkboard to keep our gift list top-of-mind. Find the weight of your chalkboard, then choose the corresponding Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. Max weights are listed on each product. (We covered Picture Hanging Strips in this post; click through for detailed application instructions.)

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

Step 5: Add Any Finishing Touches

A wall clock helps control stress amidst the seasonal madness. To hang it, we used a Command™ Large Modern Reflections Brushed Nickel Metal Hook that holds up to 5 pounds. You can also hang holiday decorations, charms or anything else that makes your gift-wrap station as much fun as it is functional.

NOTE: If your project requires other Command™ Brand products, make sure to check the package instructions for weight and step-by-step installation tips!

Now, get going on your gift wrap station, and share your project to inspire others this holiday season!

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