If You Have Marble Dreams and a Laminate Budget, We Found Your Perfect Countertop

published Feb 22, 2020
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Credit: Formica

Sure, it would be utterly amazing to renovate our kitchen and install brand new marble countertops. But the beautiful stone can quickly eat into your budget. However, Formica has a brand new collection that gives an ideal marble look for a fraction of the cost.

According to a January press release, Formica launched their 2020 Living Impressions Collection, which flaunts five new 180fx laminate designs and one new Formica Laminate pattern. 

“We’ve seen a surge in requests for handcrafted patterns, artisanally made materials and beautifully simplistic designs that add a personal touch to rooms throughout the home,” Gerri Chmiel, residential design lead at Formica Corporation, said per the press release. “This year’s launch is particularly exciting because many of the designs aren’t based on a traditional scan of an existing material, but instead are handcrafted by artists to make a striking modern impression in a home.” 

First up is the 180fx Painted Marble series (as seen in the photo above), that barely indistinguishable from actual  Carrara marble. Available in both white and black, the pattern, “Inspired by natural movements in stone and lunar effects,” is peak elegance.

Credit: Formica

Then there’s the “porcelain” and “steel” 180fx Watercolor Series that encapsulates the “translucent and serene qualities, soft gradations and delicate watery veining” of some natural marbles.

You can check out the entire collection on Formica’s website to see the array of gorgeous marble-like options.

Credit: Formica

Domino reports that Formica’s countertop options go for about $2-$3 per square foot, which is a fraction of the upward of $40 per square foot cost of genuine Carrara marble. And because it’s much lighter than marble, Formica is easy to install, and can even be used for other projects like dining room tables, headboards, and desks.

The 2020 Living Impressions Collection is absolutely easy on the eye, and even easier on your wallet. So if a kitchen reno is in your future, you may want to take a peek.