Yes, Even Marie Kondo Has a Fiddle Leaf Fig in Her Zoom Background

updated Feb 3, 2021
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Credit: Seth Wenig/AP/Shutterstock

Marie Kondo is known for the tidying magic she casts upon other people’s spaces, but of course there’s curiosity around what her own home looks like. Thanks to a recent video interview with Kondo, I can confidently confirm the snippet that I saw of her home looked decluttered, clean, and in order (pretty sure Room Rater would rate her Zoom background a 10/10). But I was also informally introduced to another member of the Kondo residence — her fiddle leaf fig.

While discussing her new storage solution collection with The Container Store, I couldn’t help but notice how put together her video background was, which turned out to be her husband’s office as it had the best WiFi in the house. The white decorative ladder, wooden art propped up against the wall, and then — a leafy green wonder in the lefthand corner of her screen.

Credit: Nicoletta Richardson

I got excited and, as a plant parent myself, naturally had to ask what type it was (although I had a hunch). It turned out to be what it looked like: a thriving fiddle leaf fig.

This choice in plant might not come as a huge surprise, though, as the fiddle leaf fig has grown in popularity over the last several years. Many other celebrities have proudly showcased their fiddle leaf fig trees to the public, one of the most recent examples being Meghan Markle.

There’s no doubt that the fiddle leaf fig is an aesthetically pleasing plant, with their tall stature and luscious, leafy branches. But the tree is far from being easy to take care of. Fiddle leaf figs like bright, filtered light, so ideally you want to place the tree near a window draped with a sheer curtain of some sort. They also like warmer, humid-like climates, so try to keep them positioned away from drafty areas (and if you want to go above and beyond, place a humidifier near them). You should also make sure that the plant has good drainage as they can easily get water damage or become overwatered.

But as long as the plant owner is dedicated, attentive, and patient, a fiddle leaf fig can surely thrive in your care. And by the looks of it, Kondo’s houseplant is a prime example of that.