I Test Pillows for a Living, and This Is the Adjustable Pillow I Recommend to Everyone (It’s on Major Sale Right Now!)

published Feb 19, 2024
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As someone who works at AT, I get a lot of questions from friends about what the best vacuum is, how to organize their overstuffed bedroom closets, and, naturally, what pillow they should splurge on. Before starting at Apartment Therapy, I didn’t give much thought to the pillow I rested my head on each night … but I was also going to a physical therapist for neck pain. Now, nearly two years into my role here and after testing five different pillows, I’ve found the ultimate Goldilocks pillow — It’s perfect for every kind of sleeper.

I don’t like to give recommendations to friends unless I truly believe they will love the product because I don’t want to hear, “Oh, that vacuum you told me to buy broke in a month!” over catch-up cocktails. So I am publicly endorsing the Marlow Pillow, which both my boyfriend (a combination sleeper) and I (a side sleeper) both love. But how could we both like it if we have different sleeping requirements? Well, the Marlow is adjustable — but you don’t have to mess with any external fill.

What Is the Marlow Pillow?

The Marlow Pillow is an allergy-friendly pillow constructed out of 80% polyurethane foam (memory foam) and 20% polyester. It comes in a compact, easy-to-carry box, which makes it perfect for small spaces. Many adjustable pillows have a separate bag of external fill, so you have to stuff it to your preferred density, but this one doesn’t. Both sides have zippers. Side sleepers need a firm pillow and Marlow recommends keeping both zippers zipped tight. For combination or back sleepers, Marlow says to unzip one side. For stomach sleepers, both sides of the pillow should be unzipped.

Credit: Marlow

Why I Love the Marlow Pillow

I’ve tested all manner of pillows, but the Marlow remains my favorite. I love that you can adjust it in seconds. Sometimes, even as a side sleeper, I need a softer pillow. Instead of dragging another pillow out of the closet, I can just unzip one side. It cuts down on how many pillows I need to have in my home — and because I live in a small one-bedroom in NYC, I need all of the space I can get.

Because this pillow is designed for all sleepers, I don’t have to ask my friends who want pillow recommendations what kind of sleepers they are. Even Britt, our Best List editor, swears by this pillow, saying, “My sleeping preference with The Pillow is keeping both sides unzipped, though. The fill stays contained by a breathable mesh that also assists in regulating the temperature of the pillow. I like that it’s not as plush as a down pillow but still feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud.”

Buy: Marlow Pillow, $46.80 (normally $65)