18 Closet Organizers AT Editors Swear By

updated Jul 6, 2023
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Now that summer is upon us, you might have done some wardrobe rearranging to stow away parkas, sweaters, and puffer coats and bring forth your breezier garments. Unfortunately, seasonal transitions aren’t always as streamlined as you’d like them to be, especially when it comes to closet organization. If your wardrobe is overcome with tangled sleeves, mismatched shoes and jutting hangers, not to worry — these editor-approved items are bound to tidy your space right up. After all, different types of garments call for different solutions. At Apartment Therapy, our staff tests home goods year-round to determine the ones most worth your money, and this, of course, goes for organizers, as well. Now is the perfect time to rediscover forgotten articles of clothing that might be hiding within drawers or amid the racks. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite editor-tested storage devices, leaving you just a few clicks away from closet zen.

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One of the best features of this hanging organizer is its portability, making it ideal for trips as well as home organization. For our purposes, though, we suggest placing this three-shelf organizer onto your clothing rod, like senior commerce editor Alicia did. "I was able to stock it with around 15-ish t-shirts on the top row, 10-12 pairs of leggings and shorts on the second tier, and five sweatshirts on the bottom," she wrote. If you're looking to separate activewear from other clothes, this is also the perfect tool for that.

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Sometimes, you just need a spot in which to deposit miscellaneous objects, and that's okay. Full-out closet organization doesn't always happen in a day. In the meantime, however, these collapsible storage cubes will keep your garments and accessories neatly out of view until you find a more fitting place for them. Contributor Celia did, writing, "Although they’re lightweight and effortless to carry around, they’re incredibly sturdy, thanks to their reinforced durability." With more than 73,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, they seem pretty legit.

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Sometimes, folding clothes into baskets or hanging them vertically doesn't result in enough leftover space. For items you won't be using soon, consider these vacuum storage bags, which come in a pack of 10. AT's house tour director Adrienne used the bags to triple her storage space. "... I am swimming in so much extra storage space I might actually be able to get a towel out of my linen closet now without the entire tower tumbling to my bathroom floor," she wrote. Made to be durable and puncture resistant, these reusable bags are bound to come in handy time and time again.

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Looking for a more sizeable container to store bulkier items? Check out the Sorbus storage bins, which measure 19.75” x 16” and 13.75” in height. Best List editor Britt looked into them after reading good things, and, well, they've been a game-changer. "For versatile storage that seamlessly carries over between seasons, look no further than these Sorbus Foldable Stackable Storage Bins," she wrote. She recommends purchasing at least two for storing sweaters, blankets, and other thick items. In addition to their considerable size, the bins also feature a transparent zip-up flap in the front, which is useful for easy access and seeing what's inside.

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In addition to their sleek and cohesive appearance, these Utopia velvet hangers feature a no-slip texture thanks to their, well, velvetiness. It's no wonder why Philly-based stylist and boutique owner Joey Clark swears by them. For heavier garments, you'll want to invest in some sturdier hangers, but these bad boys are ideal for summery blouses, dresses, and other light articles. Did we mention they come in a pack of 50? No more mismatched hangers here.

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Oftentimes, we rummage through bins and shelves because we don't know what's there, and this can leave a frustrating mess. But these transparent plastic bins allow you to see exactly what's stored inside. Britt tried them out in her own closet and is so glad she did. "Once, my top shelf was a wasteland where board games went to die, but now it’s an oasis of organization, she wrote. "I’m planning to buy a few more sets of bins to use for seasonal accessories that I don’t want to forget about next year."

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At AT, we love a versatile storage solution. These fabric baskets, which come in five neutral colors, look good both on shelves and in cubbies, and a pack of three is a steal at under $35. Contributor Arlyn credits the foldable bins with saving space in her guest bedroom closet, writing, "I specifically wanted something neutral, likely made of canvas (durable!), and sizeable enough to hold folded sheet sets and power drill boxes." Clearly, her wishes were fulfilled!

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If you don't need a bin but want a way to separate stacks of clothing, the mDesign shelf dividers have you covered. Available in a pack of four for under $20, they're at least worth a try. As AT contributor Tyler wrote, "Creating visual separation in your closet will help you implement a system for keeping your clothes (and purses, scarves, and accessories) organized all season long." Another major upside: No tools are needed to install these dividers. Just slide them onto a closet shelf, and let them work their magic.

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Although it's technically designed to hold baseball caps, this brilliant 10-clip hanger can really hold anything from floppy hats to scarves to ties. Contributor and professional organizer Mary hadn't found an effective method for organizing her own hats until she discovered this organizer. "The notches keep [the hats] equally separated, which also makes this a good tool to use if you’re washing and drying hats," she wrote. "Because the hats line up vertically, the whole thing takes up minimal room on the rod and makes it so easy to retrieve and return them." Before you know it, you'll want one of these for every closet in your home.

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These canvas storage bins are similar to the aforementioned Sorbus bins, but it never hurts to have options. The nice thing about these, though, is that their top zips open, so you can neatly fold and lay items down without having to slide them in from the side. Style shopping editor Blair also loves their small transparent windows and durable handles, but the bins' capacity is what really blew her away. "It’s practically paradoxical how little room they seem to take up while fitting so much," she wrote. "Initially, I consolidated all my bedding stragglers into just one container and probably could have added in even more." In other words, a pack of three should be more than enough.

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Want to increase the number of hangers on your closet rod without also increasing the horizontal space that they take up? Enter the Mlici connector hooks, which come in a pack of 70 for just $13 and hook right onto your hangers to extend your vertical hanging space. Once you have a hook secured to a hanger, slide a second hanger into place, and that's it! "They’re the sort of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution I’d been dreaming of," wrote contributor Meg after trying them for herself. "With these little clips, I can double our closet space without donating a single item, because each hanger can now hold two items instead of one."

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Ever wish you could hang more than two pairs of pants on one hanger without them getting wrinkled? With these innovative pants hangers, you totally can. To be specific, each hanger can neatly hold up to five pairs, and you have the option to collapse it for extra storage space or keep the hanger propped up horizontally. Plus, the hangers just look nice. "These are definitely the classiest-looking hangers in my closet," Alicia wrote. "The mahogany-colored beechwood makes me want to be a person who plans out their outfits the night before." And with these, you can seamlessly slide your pants right off the side of each tier without a hassle.

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If you want a more aesthetically pleasing bin option, you can never go wrong with rattan. Blair recommends this one from H&M and loves it so much, she bought four for her own closet. Although each bin is a bit pricey, it'll definitely last you a long time. "Believe it or not, those four alone managed to consolidate and organize my entire shelf’s worth of stuff, even leaving extra storage space to spare… which means yes, I absolutely will be ordering more," she wrote. "They’ve completely transformed my entire closet and made it look totally magazine-worthy."

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Alicia has been using these jumbo plastic storage bags for a decade, and they're still helping her keep all her seasonal clothing and bedding organized. She appreciates that the bags conform to the spaces she needs to fit them in, which is why she's used them for so long and taken them along after multiple moves. "The reason that I think these storage totes lasted so long is because they are flexible," she wrote. "The way I used these totes changed from apartment to apartment… They also fold nearly flat, so when they aren’t in use, they’re easy to hide out of sight."

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Storage bins tend to not be the most visually appealing accessories in our home, but they're certainly functional. Open Spaces addresses this conundrum with its collection of chic solutions, including their ultra-stylish underbed storage containers. Britt adores their beauty and functionality. “Not only are these containers made of high-quality material, but they’re also super roomy," she wrote. "I was wondering what to do with the second container because all my clothing fit into one. So, I decided to use the other for excess linens... I had no plans to declutter my linen closet while testing these bins, so this was an added bonus for sure!"

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Bulky handbags can take up a ton of shelf space in the closet, so a hanging organizer is the way to go. Alicia likes this one from Amazon, as it can hold eight (or more!) purses at a time and stores them vertically, so you have more room for folded garments. "Now, I rotate out my purses more than ever before," she wrote. "Bags that didn’t get a lot of play because they were stuffed at the bottom of a duffel are now taken out on the town at least a few times a month." So really, this product is also a great buy if you want to up your style.

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The previous shelf dividers we mentioned will lend your closet a more industrial-chic vibe thanks to their metal frames. But if you're after a sleeker, more minimal appearance, opt for these acrylic dividers, instead. Contributor Marlen credits them with stabilizing her leaning tower of knits, among other things. Plus, she loves how they look. "They don’t make the closet feel more closed off or visually heavy in the way that cramming in extra bins or boxes can," she wrote. "Instead, these separators make the closet feel clean and crisp. Since they’re clear, they’re also easy to match with other organizational products — like acrylic purse dividers — giving you a cohesive, streamlined look throughout your closet if you decide to trick it out further."

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By now, we've covered fabric bins, underbed bins, rattan bins, and there are still plenty of other kinds out there. But it also never hurts to own a few basic plastic bins that you can use as catch-alls for all sorts of accessories. These $4 finds from Target are exactly what we have in mind. "I’m using them exclusively in the closet right now, but they’d be equally useful to store garage items, toys, or craft supplies," wrote contributor Shifrah. The bins also come in three neutral finishes, so they won't stick out obtrusively.