Martha Stewart Has a Tiny House Just for Baskets — Peek Inside

published Apr 19, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

After decades spent building a multimillion dollar brand, it’s obvious that Martha Stewart lives a life few people can relate to on a granular level. From her impressive jadeite collection to her “stable kitchen” — aka the fully decked-out kitchen she has in her barn — she has a lot of things that the average person doesn’t, and she’s more than happy to show it all off in her signature way on social media.

The latest reveal that has fans chuckling is Stewart’s “little basket house,” as in a tiny house where she exclusively stores all her baskets. In a recent Instagram post, the lifestyle guru shared that her basket storage shed “needed a new roof,” which inspired her to do a little spring cleaning.

Posing with some of her large baskets, Stewart captioned the post: “My little basket house needed a new roof. Replaced the rotted cedar shingles with a brand new painted metal roof that will outlive most others. The baskets inside had to be removed during the two day process. Gave me time to clean inside and rearrange and even edit a bit. Getting to be time for another tag sale?????”

Fans were quick to joke about the silliness of it all in the comments section. “I’ve been contemplating a new roof for my basket house too!!!” joked one person. Another wrote: “It’s not hoarding if you put collections in their own houses.” Yet another added: “Wait. A house just for her baskets? This is Martha Deluxxxxx. Only she would have something like that,” while another aptly pointed out the obvious: “Having a house just for your baskets is deeply next level.”

Stewart then shared a gallery of photos from her basket house, showing off some of the many varied baskets she’s acquired over the years. “My husband just doesn’t understand I need a basket house,” wrote one commenter. Another wrote: “I want to live in that basket house. I would be in basket heaven.”

Naturally, Stewart used the opportunity to create a blog post about her basket house, sharing that she has “hundreds of baskets” in her collection. “Some are rare and antique, some are vintage, and some are more contemporary,” she wrote. “Last week, I had the timeworn cedar roof of the Basket House replaced with a longer-lasting standing seam snap lock roof system. Afterward, the structure was cleaned and all the baskets were re-organized and returned.”

She noted that she likes to clean out the basket house every few years, sharing photos of her baskets and specific details about basketry in general. Turns out, she’s a wealth of knowledge about the art of basket weaving, which will come as a surprise to absolutely no one.