Martha Stewart Shared a Glimpse Into Her “Stable Kitchen” — and People Have Questions

published Jan 20, 2022
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Credit: Getty Images

It’s no secret that Martha Stewart leads a lifestyle that isn’t exactly relatable to the average person, though it’s tough not to love her for it. Stewart never passes up the opportunity to remind fans of that fact, particularly on her personal Instagram account, where she shares behind-the-scenes glimpses into life at chez Martha.

When she’s not out plowing snow herself or tending to her many plants, Stewart is hanging with the horses who reside at her barn in Bedford, New York. Of course, being everyone’s favorite lifestyle guru means that Stewart’s barn isn’t your average equine outpost — she shared a glimpse into her sophisticated “stable kitchen,” a fully decked out space which she dubbed one of her “favorite places on the farm” … naturally.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stewart has multiple kitchens, and caring for her horses is big business for the 80-year-old entrepreneur. But the photo of this kitchen in particular raised some questions among fans — namely, what does one cook in a “stable kitchen”?

In her caption, Stewart dished about the features she loves in the farm’s stable kitchen, writing, “My stable kitchen is perhaps one of my favorite places on the farm.” Among the amenities: a custom cast-iron gray AGA cooker stove (also beloved by the likes of fellow lifestyle gurus Selena Gomez, Nigella Lawson, and Mary Berry), black tile flooring, a soapstone sink and matching shelving, vintage architectural brackets, vertical batten walls, oversized crossed corbels, and plenty of tin molds and copper cookware scattered on the walls and displayed on the shelves for decoration. And yes, while the kitchen itself is a sleek blend of farmhouse meets modern chic, fans were curious about the need for a stable kitchen in the first place.

“I have so many questions,” wrote one person. “What do you cook there? Is what you cook there for people or horses? Is there a stable table to eat at? Can we see the sink? How often do you use it?”

Another quipped, “The stable kitchen? To make hot mash for your horses? Or, is it for people? Do the horses appreciate the AGA?” Yet another joked, “Wow, Fresians are beautiful AND they can cook?! Amazing.”

All jokes aside, the space is truly beautiful. Back in 2015, she gave a different glimpse into the “cool and neutral” space on her blog, and whoever’s getting to do the cooking in there is no doubt a lucky one.