7 Bold Bohemian Rooms Maximalists Will Love

published Sep 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Kelli Collins)

Bohemian looks have always been trendy, but not many people go full-blown flower-child in their homes. If you’re a true maximalist at heart and love going full steam with a trend, then you will love the maximalist bohemian aesthetic. Utilizing bold, look-at-me wallpaper prints, a dizzying array of clashing patterns, saturated colors, and layered textures, just about every detail in the space competes for your attention. If you’re looking to add more flower-child details to your room, check out these maximalist bohemian looks to inspire you to take it a step further with your decorating.

Wallpaper Gallery Wall

Go true maximalist and pull inspiration from this busy nook in a living room. Take bold wallpaper and layer it with a gallery wall, combining pictures on top of prints.

Colorful Walls

(Image credit: Kelli Collins)

The trick to a maximalist bohemian room is to utilize colored walls to add a bold dose of color to the space. This particular bedroom uses a Kelly green paint, which helps all the other hues in the bedroom pop. All the different prints in the space become even more saturated thanks to the green background.

Pattern Clashing

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

Maximalist bohemian rooms love print clashing, where a bevy of different patterns compete for attention in one space. Here we have the rug, the couches, the pillows, curtains, and gallery wall clashing in a way that makes the space feel lively and free spirited.

Saturated Colors

(Image credit: Chasity Kelly)

The more saturated the color, the better. Rather than making a room feel light and airy with loads of white, harness the other side of the color spectrum and go towards vibrant, almost acidic colors like this living room did. Think chartreuse greens, vivid pops of yellow, bright blues, and hot pinks, all mixed together with abandon.

Bohemian Furniture

(Image credit: shayneblue)

Not all furniture is created equal, and some pieces are made with a strong bohemian vibe. Case in point: This rocking couch topped off with a jumble of pillows and blankets, which give it a cozy, flower-child vibe.

Wooden Accents

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Add an earthy touch to your room with wooden panels, matched with a string of lights and a tumble of plants. Coax out a folksy vibe from the room by displaying your record collection alongside rattan accents and clashing pillow prints.

Free Spirited Prints

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

Pillows and curtains don’t have to be the only place where you experience power-clash your patterns. You can also coax it out through your furniture, as seen in this black-and-white striped corner table which clashes beautifully with the polka dot lamp shade and dizzying array of blankets and pillows.