This $40 Amazon Find Is the Vintage-Inspired Christmas Decor of My Dreams

published Dec 1, 2023
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Gold Christmas tree in corner of apartment.
Credit: Shelby Deering

For many, many years, I’ve been pining (no pun intended) for a mid-century metallic Christmas tree. You know, the ones made of aluminum that can be spotted in the background of all those holiday photos from the 1960s? While silver was the most popular hue and continues to be the most widely-available color in these vintage trees, I’ve always had a soft spot for gold. I’ve never found one in the wild or on Facebook Marketplace, though I did spy one recently on eBay… for $1,000.

Obviously, that price was not going to work for me. I continually search for the best possible deals on seasonal decor, since in my opinion, it’s only up for a month and I’d like to devote my dollars to year-round pieces.

Enter: A gleaming gold beauty of a Christmas tree that I recently stumbled across on Amazon. At six feet high and around $40, I thought it was too good to be true. It was priced much lower than other gold Christmas trees I’ve found online, which trend in the neighborhood of at least $150 to $200. I decided to take a chance on this unicorn of a Christmas tree.

It arrived in a slim box and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together, but assembly was surprisingly easy. It had three parts that needed to be attached, and the branches had to be stretched out and fluffed.

The result? A remarkably high-quality metallic Christmas tree that really leans into its shiny gold hue, making it exactly like the vintage trees I love so much. I hung up gold garlands throughout the house to match it, and now, it looks like a gilded wonderland that makes me smile. While the gold tree seems to be unavailable for now — apparently, people share my love for all things gold — you can get the same effect by buying it in silver or purple (or keep an eye out for the gold to restock).

Of course, it’s not Christmas unless you go all out with decor. To cover up the stand, I added a white faux fur tree skirt that was also a steal at $14, and its 30-inch diameter fits the small stature of the tree perfectly. Then it needed the finishing touch: Ornaments. I wanted it to scream “mid-century,” so I headed to Mercari and bought a tall gold tree topper with a glittery star from the 1960s, for a whopping $25. Then I bought a few vintage ornaments from my favorite local antique store, and I scored some amazing heirloom ornaments, courtesy of Mom. Don’t be afraid to lean into the vintage vibes, and if you don’t have an antique store nearby, try crafting your own DIY ornaments!

Credit: Shelby Deering

The results? A brand-new, top-to-bottom Christmas tree, including ornaments and a tree skirt, for less than $100. Plus, every time I see it, it makes my vintage-loving heart skip a beat. ‘Tis the season for decor that makes you happy, right? And what makes me happy is my amazingly metallic Christmas tree.

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