You’ll Want to Live in This Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House

published Dec 20, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

A New York-based food stylist and recipe developer just might be the Frank Lloyd Wright of cookie architecture. For Epicurious, Judy Kim created a mid-century modern gingerbread house—and the results are the stuff of holiday dreams. Well, it isn’t technically a gingerbread house. The food stylist constructed an elaborate mid-century modern dwelling made of cardamom cookies—and you’ll want to live in and eat it. But eating it might be easiest. Luckily, Kim released the recipe and a PDF Mid-Century Modern Cookie House Guide complete with detailed assembly instructions and templates.

But back to the mid-century modern dwelling. Designed with a Wes Anderson–inspired color scheme, Kim’s cardamom cookie abode is complete with twinkly lights, double doors, ceiling beams, candy-stick wallpaper, and pretzel stick-window panes, among other deliciously elaborate details. Royal icing reinforces many of the cookie interior walls, while celadon sparkle mix offers colorful embellishments. A chimney with sliced almond finishings emulates the appearance of a stone wall exterior.

“This winter I found myself in creative overdrive,” Kim wrote in Epicurious. “Some people do 10,000-piece puzzles. Some people make homemade candles, or homemade bagels, or fall into a deep gardening obsession. I spent months designing this cookie house in a Wes Anderson–inspired monochromatic color scheme.” Kim added, “In a year when so little felt under our control, this is a DIY project that lets you control every detail.”

Take a closer look at Kim’s cardamom mid-century modern abode in the festive video below.

For cookie and architecture enthusiasts intent on tackling the recipe this holiday season, Kim released a plethora of resources—from the recipe to a house guide to personal tips and tricks. Explore the links below.

‘Tis the season for elaborate (and delicious) cookie architecture!