This Van Conversion Is So Chic, It Could Be a 5-Star Hotel

published Jul 21, 2023
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The tiny lifestyle entails living with less, but it can still be luxurious.

Scarlet and Seth, a couple who have been living the #VanLife the last four years, have gone viral after they revealed the luxury hotel-like interior of their home. In their TikTok video below, Scarlet gives a tour. At first, from the outside, the van looks like any other vehicle, but once she opens the door, we see a posh interior with minimalist aesthetics, lots of light, and warm materials. 

Upon entering, one is greeted by a bathroom that has Roman clay instead of tiles, giving it a premium feel. It took them two weeks to construct the shower, and according to Scarlet, it “tested our relationship,” but in the end, it was all worth it. Adding to the space’s elegant vibe is an arched doorway, a concealed toilet, a skylight, a gold-plated bidet, and a houseplant.

Further inside, the kitchen looks spotless, as many appliances — including the fridge, stove, trash and recycling, and oven — are all tucked inside cabinets. There’s also plenty of storage for small items like the ingredients and dinnerware, reducing the visual clutter around the van. And that small seat by the corner? That’s actually a cleverly-disguised litter box for their two cats!

And finally, the bedroom actually looks cozy and spacious. There’s a U-shaped bench, which contains storage for their batteries and clothes. At night, that same couch can turn into a bed for two. What makes the space feel like a hotel suite are the small details: accent lighting, wall accents, wood as material for their cabinets, a carpet, and plenty of natural light via a second skylight.

So small yet so stylish. TikTok is obsessed: “This might be the best, most practical van build I’ve ever seen,” said one commenter. A reply reads, “It’s certainly the most stylish! I LOVE it.”

Someone else said, “This is a better layout than most commercial travel vans I’ve seen. It looks like you fit an entire house inside.”

Another added: “This is what I call a luxury van.”

Feeling inspired to customize your own home-on-wheels? Scarlet and Seth have an entire thread about the DIY process involving their previous camper van — which looks equally luxurious — here.