Trader Joe’s $13 Monsteras Have Returned for the Spring

published Apr 5, 2023
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Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Whether you’re an avid Trader Joe’s shopper or a dedicated plant parent, it’s a well-known fact that the grocery store offers an affordable selection of plants (including their latest wooden faux flowers). It’s unbelievable that for $50, you can take home a bouquet of roses, succulents for a windowsill, a seasonal planter, and, now, at least two monsteras.

TikTok user @freckledfinds occasionally posts plant content to her account, and in a recent video, she shared the good news about the store’s seasonal $12.99 monsteras. According to her caption, “It’s always monstera season,” and although the plant thrives the most during the spring to fall, she’s not wrong.

Frequently seen throughout homes and across Pinterest boards, the monstera plant is a popular choice for adorning rooms, similar to the pothos and snake plant. As long as it’s placed in a well-draining pot, receives indirect sunlight, and is frequently dusted, the Monstera deliciosa is fairly easy to take care of and will add a little bit of green to your living space. That’s why the $12.99 plant is a good investment.

For another TikToker, the plant’s popularity and beauty doesn’t distract her and other shoppers from the plant’s potential root rot or decaying leaves. Angela (@its.angelagrace), a San Francisco-based content creator, visited her local Trader Joe’s and kept an eye out for variegated monsteras while warning her followers of dying plants.

“Is it water stains or is it variegated?” she said in a TikTok while questioning the plant’s health status. “Is it dying or is it variegated? Is it new growth or is it variegated?” And Angela is right to ask these questions, as it would be a painful feeling to take home a newly purchased plant and immediately discover that it’s rotting or dying. 

On your next visit to Trader Joe’s, keep an eye out for a healthy monstera in the plant section, and don’t hold yourself back from buying more than one.