Say Goodbye to Bug Bites with This $10 Hack That Annihilates Mosquitoes

published Jun 21, 2023
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Credit: Image from Flickr member James Jordan licensed under Creative Commons License

Today is the first day of summer, which means it’s the perfect time to pick a favorite hack for getting rid of mosquitoes. And luckily, last month, TikTok user @afinchmerely went viral after she gushed about Mosquito Dunk, a simple solution that only costs about $10.

“You want to know something amazing?” she says in the video. “It’s almost the end of May, I’m hanging out in my backyard, and I have not gotten a single mosquito bite.”

Nearby, there’s a bucket of standing water, which is a suitable breeding ground for the pests. However, she points out that the larvae are all dead, thanks to the Mosquito Dunk.

“That Dunk keeps them from maturing,” she explained. “The mosquitoes come lay their eggs here, and then that is the end of their line.”

Mosquito Dunk isn’t new to the scene, but it is making major waves, thanks to how good it is at stopping the bugs before they become a problem. Alaina Wood (@thegarbagequeen) confessed that the Mosquito Dunks take a week to become effective, since they don’t kill adult mosquitoes but target their offspring. After crumbling a few Dunks into a pail of water, Wood says that the repellant (plus pest-repelling plants, bug spray, and a Thermacell) are her successful forms of mosquito bite prevention. 

Last year, Homegrown National Park, a grassroots organization dedicated to regenerating biodiversity, also recommended the product for their eco-friendly feature in comparison to using harmful pesticides. 

Many are only discovering the Dunks now, and were blown away that such a solution exists. A commenter responded to Finch’s video and asked, “How is it 2023 and so many of us are just now learning that mosquito dunks exist?” Another added: “Girl didn’t just kill a mosquito; she ended the mosquito’s lineage.”

With the weather getting warmer and mosquitos becoming more active, Dunks are going to save your arms, legs, and let’s be honest, literally anywhere that mosquitoes can get to, which is basically everywhere. You can buy the Mosquito Dunks at the Summit website here starting at $8.49 for a pack of two or purchase a two-pack on Amazon for under $6.

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