These are the Most Googled Interior Design Questions in 2022

published Apr 9, 2022
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Credit: Sylvie Li

Whether you’re planning on getting your DIY on or you’re just curious about how home improvement works, many of us take to Google when we are looking for answers to our burning interior design questions. British retailer Next was curious to find out which questions design enthusiasts have been searching for recently, from sprucing up your space with a lick of paint to the best place to hang a mirror.

Below, the most commonly searched questions for each room of the house, along with expert answers.

How to paint kitchen cabinets?

Credit: Sylvie Li

With over 312,000 yearly searches, people are curious about how to paint their kitchen cabinets.

“First, strip the units down (take the doors off) and ensure each side has its own space. Next, strip the cabinets down to their bare wood by stripping off any primer or previous paint,” explained Zara O’Hare, in-house interior design consultant at Land of Rugs. “Clean and prime the cabinets and you’re ready for painting! If you’re applying with a paintbrush, apply softly and smoothly and ensure to sand down slightly before each coat. If you’re using a spray painter, go slow and ensure the coat is even.”

How to choose the wallpaper for living room?

With 103,200 searches annually, wallpaper is certainly making a comeback. Whether it’s peel and stick wallpaper or something less temporary, Nomita Vaish-Taylor, Founder and Editor at explains how to choose a design for you.

“This is such a personal choice but as a guide, I recommend bigger, bolder prints for small spaces as tiny patterns can make a small space feel smaller. Also, remember that wallpaper can dominate so choose something you won’t outgrow or tire of in a hurry. Finally, just like you would test paints before choosing one, it’s equally important to test wallpaper.”

How to make a small bedroom look bigger?

22,800 yearly searches proves that people want to know how to make their bedrooms appear bigger.

“One of the best ways to make a small bedroom look (and feel) bigger is to paint it in white or off-white color. Why these colours work so well is because they reflect light well! Making your room seem naturally bigger, even if the physical space doesn’t quite feel that big,” comments O’Hare. You can also add shelving on your walls and use closets without doors to make the room feel a little bigger, although this won’t have as great of an impact as re-decorating your space.”

How to divide a living room and dining room combo?

Want to know how to separate your living and dining spaces? The search has 12,000 yearly queries.

“One of the best ways to divide a living room and dining room combination is to use a stud wall to separate the spaces. They are generally easy to install and allow you really separate your two spaces without having to install a large wall,” says O’Hare. “However, if this is going to be beyond your budget and/or you don’t want to install a wall in your space, you can use other items to separate your space. Rugs are a great option for this! Add in a large rug to place your dining table and chairs on and you can really create that sense of separation, even being in the same room as your living room!”