These Are the Most Instagrammable Flowers Right Now

published Jul 9, 2022
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Flowers are an easy way to brighten up your home, bringing in a bunch of color, life and personality to any space. Whether you enjoy a weekly bouquet or save buying (or receiving) florals for a special occasion, many people aren’t shy about sharing them on social media.

In a new study, analyzed social media tags of over 100 different flowers to discover the most Instagram-worthy picks this season.

“As we enter the peak of summer, many look to spend their time growing and displaying flowers,” an spokesperson said of the study. “These findings offer an interesting insight into which flowers people consider the most aesthetically pleasing to post about and serves as a guide to some of the most gorgeous flowers that can be displayed in homes this summer.”

The research found that roses are the top pick.  At the time of writing, there are 79.6 million posts using the hashtag #rose or #roses, and these pretty flowers are a popular choice for many reasons. With a little TLC, cut roses can last for one week or more providing that they’re given proper care. According to, the best way to keep roses fresh is to remove all the leaves from the stem, as allowing leaves to be submerged in water can lead to your roses harbouring bacteria and will speed up the process of your roses wilting. Similarly, roses should always be kept in a cool spot with vase water that is regularly changed.

With a combined hashtag count of 14.7 million, sunflowers are the second most Instagrammable flowers right now. Sunflowers are relatively easy to grow and care for due to the fact that they’re heat tolerant, pest resistant and fast growing.

In third place is the tulip, with 11.4 million hashtags. Tulips are prone to wilting and drooping, so in order to prevent this and keep your tulips staying upright, it’s best to always cut the stems at an angle before you place them in a vase.

Fourth place goes to orchids, with 8.9 million Instagram hashtags, while peonies round out the top five with 7.7 million hashtags.