These are the Most Popular Plants for Your Desk, According to Instagram

published Jun 27, 2021
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Whether you’re working remotely for good or headed back to the office, adding a plant to your desk could be just what you need to liven up (literally) your work day.

One of the best places to find plenty of inspiration for the perfect setup —both plant-wise and desk-wise — is Instagram. A recent study conducted by Mainland Aggregates, a UK-based soil and aggregate surface company, analyzed the most-tagged plants on Instagram with the aim of finding the perfect desk plant.

The researchers input 55 hashtags of different houseplant species into Instagram and recorded how many times the hashtags have been shared by social media users.

Then, they filtered for low-maintenance plants requiring little sunlight and water — just in case you’re not seated near a window or a water cooler where you work. So, which plants make the perfect work companions, according to the project?

Easy on the eyes and easy to care for, Pothos, unsurprisingly, is the most popular, with 479,291 Instagram shares. All it really needs to survive is water if it’s looking wilty, and you’ll have a trail of vines in no time. (No major sunlight required.) The Snake Plant, also low-light and low-maintenence, makes the top ten, as do the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig and String of Pearls.

Some surprising — but welcome — suggestions for your desktop? Try African Violets or Wood Sorrels (aka Oxalis) for adaptable, maintenance pops of purple.

Any of these plants are sure to leave your coworkers (IRL or virtual) green with envy.